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Must Read - Important Questions For your Banking Interview

Given below are some of the questions which have been asked in IBPS and Other bank interviews in recent times. Go through the list of below questions and see whether you are prepared to handle these.

Tell me some about you and your family

Questions on Black money can be expected

PM jan dhan yojana

IPL question can be expected

What is a Commercial Bank? Differentiate from NBFC's ?

 What is sub-prime lending?

 What is the percentage of interest for SB a/c?

 Types of account? Explain Current a/c?

 Nomination facility is provided to which bank products?

 What is repo rate? What is CRR rate and SLR rate and what is the present rate?

 Name 3 women heads of any organization in India?

Who regulates the banks in India?

What if you're posted in remote area far away from your hometown? Are you ok with that? Will you be comfortable posted in rural or naxal areas? Who will look after your family?

 What is basel? What is basel -II and basel-III what is the difference between them?

 In video conferencing what type of vides are used?

 What is CD ratio?

 What makes you angry? Can u work under pressure?

Name any two Deputy Governors of RBI?

What if you're posted in remote area far away from your hometown? Are you ok with that? Will you be comfortable posted in rural or naxal areas? Who will look after your family?

What is KYC?

 What is meant by NO frill a/c?

 How do u think that your MBA knowledge can help banking sector? { For MBA holders only}

 What is this particular place famous for? (Prepare abt the place where you are going to attend the interview)

 How will u motivate people working under you?

 What is your motivational factor?

 If not selected what will u do?

 Have u appeared for any Bank interview before ?Where and what was the result?

 Why u was not selected last time? What improvement u have done to get selected this time?

 Where u want to see five years from now on if you are selected in any one of the Banks/

 What is PIN? Where it is used?

 What is the difference between Cheque and Demand Draft?

 Difference between cross selling and Up selling?

 What is sub-prime crisis?

 What is debit card and credit?

 Sell me the Stapler, Pen, Pencil or some other object seen in the interview room?

 Why should we hire u when we could promote someone from below?

 Tell me something negative that u have heard abt banking sector?

 What is travelers Cheque?

 What is RTGS?

 What is NEFT?
Differences between RTGS and NEFT?
Charges for each? Which is more convenient according to u? Why? Limitations if any?

 What is CBS? What is the full form of CORE?

 What is a loan ? Different types of loan that a Bank provides to public.

 What is NPA?

 Inflation, deflation, financial inclusion?

 Tell abt C.V. Raman and what is Raman effect?

 What is CASA?

 Difference between Repo rate and reverse repo rate?

 Do u think that increasing or decreasing repo rate and reverse rate will control inflation in our country?

What is plastic money?

 What is gift card?

 What is e-commerce?

 What is maturity and maturity date?

 What is exchange rate?

 What is Interest Rate?

 What is Internet Banking?

 What is SHG?

 What is Green Channel?

 What was the Headline in Today's Newspaper?(Main Page and Financial Page Both).

 How does banking effect the economy of the country?

 Difference between Fiscal and Monetary Policy ?

 Bill of Exchanges and Certificate of Deposit?

 Direct and Indirect Taxes In India.

 What is BSBDA a/c?

 Advantages of RuPay Debit card?

Which TV programme is amir Khan hostingand what is its motive?

 Difference between marketing and selling?

 What is eye space /eye level?

 About the MBA project if you are a MBA degree Holder?

 Relation between bank rate and inflation?

 Wal - mart Functioning?

 What is debt equity ratio?

How will be helpful to the bank if u are selected?

What is IMPS?

 RBI its functions?

 Nabard what are its role?

 SEBI it's role?

 IRDA its Chief and its role?

What is Brand?

 What is the main difference between advertisement and publicity?

 If you're a branch manager, how will you increase the profit of the branch? How will you attract more customers?

 If your bank introduces a new home loan product, how will you sell it?

  In which bank do you have an account already? How you feel as a customer? If you were in working in the same bank, what initiatives will you take for more customer satisfaction?

  IF you have being allotted target to increase business in some backward area, what will you do?

 What is Priority sector lending? Should farmers be given loan at cheaper rate when they're already getting subsidy on fertilizer and diesel?

We should abolish concept of CRR, and we should have just insurance of deposit? Do you agree?
Which banks are better private or PSU? Why?

What role does bank play in empowerment of women?

 What role has banking sector played in India's success story?

 What do you know about bancassurance? Is it good or is it bad?

What are the two main problems banks are facing today?  What should be done to solve them?

What are your views on strikes by Bank employees?

 What do you think deregulation of saving account is good step?

What is no frill account? How does it help in Financial Inclusion? Does opening no frill account sufficient to achieve the process of financial .inclusion?

 Which banking sector is stronger: Indian or western? And why?

 Difference between investment banker and retail banker? Which one is more important for economy?

 Why should bank consider Debt equity structure of a company before loaning?

 NPA, its classification, ways to recover?

 What is Negotiable instruments act? (hint: related with Cheque bouncing)

 Who is NRI? Can a NRI open an account in a bank as a normal citizen? Can PIO open an account in Indian bank as a normal citizen? What are the documents required for opening an NRI Account? Can a student studying abroad be termed as an NRI?

 Tell us about "Nomination" facility in banking.

What do you understand by KYC? What document required for KYC? What documents are required to open a bank account?

CBS, SWIFT, NEFT, RTGS. What are their full forms, features and benefits?


All the basics: RBI, its functions, repo, reverse repo, CRR, SLR and their impact on bank.

How can RBI control inflation?

How many Deputy Governor in RBI? Name them?

How will you market Banking products?

What do you know about Rural banking and Financial Inclusion?

What is ombudsman? what is his powers and functions?

What is MFI? From where does MFI get funds?

How is rural banking different from retail banking?

What is the difference between hacking and phishing?

Equitable Mortgage? interest subvention? Amortization?

Car Loan, Personal Loan, student loans, home loans, education loans (and what are their on going approx. interest rates?)
What is ABSA account?

What is Swawlamban scheme?

How important is CASA Portfolio for the bank

What is term deposit and demand deposit?

What are alternate channels of banking?

Have you ever used an ATM? What is the full form of ATM? Can you Name some ATM Manufacturer Companies? What are the other uses of an ATM? Balance Enquiry, Cash Withdrawal, Pin Change, Mini Statement.

What is POS terminal? How bank gets benefited from POS? What amount bank charge from shopkeepers for POS terminals?

Tell me something about E-Banking? and its benefits to branch?

What is branchless banking?

Difference between banking n finance

Difference between micro financial institutions and NBFCs.

Difference between between Co-operative societies and SHGs

Who are the Chairman of ICICI Bank and Axis Bank.

What is money laundering? What has the government done to prevent it? What's Bank's role in preventing money laundering?

What is Credit Rating agency?

What is working capital? What are preferential shares?

What is more beneficial to a company- Equity or Debentures?

What is DEMAT account? What is PAN card? Are they same thing?

What provisions did this year's budget have for the banking sector?

What if government asks RBI to print more currency notes and uses it for development and infrastructure projects? How will it affect the middle class?

Do the Agricultural crops sold by d farmers in d market comes under income tax?

What was last year's GDP in crores and in % growth?

What is recession? what are the causes? how can it be fixed?

What is the difference between Finance ministry and commerce ministry?

What is Inflation? How it is controlled?

What is HDI(Human Development Index)? How is it calculated? What is India's rank?

Poverty figure census, schemes.

MNREGA and other schemes where bank is involved.

What are Foreign Reserves?

What are Small Scale Industries? How we recognize if a particular industry is a Small Scale Industries?

Difference between organized and unorganized sector?

Functions of planning commission? Targets of current five year plan? Who is Montek Singh?

BRICS, ASEAN G20 summits and decisions recently

Why dollar is appreciating? What are merits and demerits of rupee depreciation?

Why there is so much furor over FDI in retail? Are you in favour of FDI?

Tell me about factors of production

What is parallel economy? What is black market? What is money laundering?

If you will improve your weakness then will you become a perfect man?

What is the meaning of excellence to you? When will you consider yourself a successful person?

Do you consider yourself a creative person? If yes, how will find job satisfaction in banking sector, where rules and procedures have to be adhered strictly?

What is the difference between a leader and a manager? Does a leader need to be a good manager too?

What are the qualities of a good leader? Suppose, you are made a leader of a team unknown to you, there you find somebody who is already a leader there and even better than you. What will you do?

In which year RTI was implemented?

How many lady Chief ministers in India?

How many organizations take part in IBPS?

What have u to say abt merger of small public sector banks with bigger PSU's? Do u agree with the proposal if yes,Why if no ,Why?

 What is refinance?

ECGC, packing credit, buyer's credit, letter of credit.

For unemployed people, which plans are adopted by government ?

Tell us About your native place and famous places near to it.

What is Stock Exchange? How many are there in India ?

What are the qualities that an Officer requires and do u think you possess all those qualities?

How is your subject going to help the banking sector?

What is RDBMS? Name e some RDBMS software?

Who regulates insurance sector?

What is IPO?What is Follow up of IPO? If IPO has already been issued then what is the need of it?

Earlier u said RBI controls monetary policy  and when govt passes the budget then what is the need of monetory policy?

When RBI borrows money from Banks then money in the market increases or decreases?

What is the function of Financial Management?

Liability and Assets side of a Bank?

What is CAD?

Types of customers?

What is opportunity cost,absolute cost?

What is fund flow?

What do u know abt BMB?

About Adhaar and DBT linkage?

What is certificate of of incorporation and certificate of commencement?

Is both certificate necessary for both Public and PVT company?

Who issues certificates?

What is ROC and MCA?

What is Book Value?

Do you know about the establishment of the first Bank in India.

Read the news paper daily. .........All The Very Best.

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