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Success Story of Prashant Kumar (Bank PO in IOB)

Dear readers, Prashant Kumar, an ardent reader of bankersadda has shared his success story with us. Please  read on...

Dear Bankersadda,

Here is my story for the road to PO-III sucess

I am a B.Tech Computer Science Student from Agra, currently pursuing M.Tech(CS) from Agra itself.

Since the start of my graduation itself I had a strong feeling towards government jobs, preferably Banking Sector since I belong to a family of bankers. I had an offer from TCS through campus placement but still I was not satisfied with the offer.

Study Plan:
Now finally I had to make a plan for studying. I belong to a weaker financial background and also I had no time from my hectic M.Tech schedule to spare so the only option left for me was-Self Study.

I had nearly 3 months to study the whole syllabus. With all the chaos going around about the sectional cutoffs in five sections of the paper and very rare chances for a mediocre general category student to qualify in the first list...the first thing was to stop listening to such discussions and keep the mind away from it. After a few days I was ready to study for the paper(although still I was a bit nervous). I had a 9-10 hour extensive routine (10:30-4:30 college and then 5:00-8:00 PM traching at a coaching class) but still I had a target to achieve: come what may, I will be cracking this in the first attempt only. I studied for the exam from 6 am-8 am then 10:00 PM-2 AM at night on daily basis...approx hours with modest breaks in between.
Subject-Wise Preparation

1. English-
Prepared this one month before the exam.(around 11 PM-12 AM)
As I belong to ICSE school background,english was quite easy for me But still I must say looking at the current pattern of IBPS, some sections of it are quite confusing so u need to practice a lot. I referred Objective English by Edgar Thorpe(TMH Publications--it is a quite reader-friendly will love english after reading it whatever your background is--- believe me!). I also practised from Last year papers--they do help a lot but practice is essential---study english like maths it will turn out to be easy and scoring section in the exam.

2.Quantitative Aptitude
Prepared it daily starting from 3 months before the exam. Studied in the night(12:00-2:00 AM)
 The next section was QA- means Maths. It is believed that someone belonging to Engg background will be 100% sure about securing good marks in this section but this is not fully correct. Although basics might be clear already but the type of maths questions asked in the exam can be a tough nut to crack...the hefty calculations in Data Interpretations are not solvable correctly and fastly even by Engg background students very easily.I first revised the basics from RS agarwal...yes, not because I am weak in maths, but I was to be sure and satisfied from my part-it took me 1 month. Yes, I did solve each and every questions from the examples of the book. Next part was DI-for this the best solution was Buy an Online Test Series...and Give the practice/Speed tests,etc it will make a timely judgement and it helps a lot ,especially DI section. I did not give any test full as it would cost me time and also it diverted me to other sections (which I did not want to practice for at that moment), I attempted just one section from a test and got marks for it(although the mock test results showed me fail--as marks in other sections were 0) and the time/comparison with topper marks in the subject. Not only for maths, I did the same for Other Sections--gave 1 section each time(take care---dont spend 120 minutes on that 1 section only...I gave 30 minutes then I submitted my test )

Prepared it daily starting from 3 months before the exam. Studied in the morning(6:00-8:00 AM)
My Weakest section in all. I didnt want to study it at all. But still, to pass the exam, I had to do it. So, I bought M.Tyra (by going through several blogs/forums) made me prepared for the following topics-Syllogism,Statement and Assumptions Inferences,etc) but according to me it lacked the Machine I/O topic(it had one chapter but the questions were of  low level as compared to the exam),Sitting arrangement(the exam has puzzles+sitting arrangement types which it didnt have). So for that I bought an unpopular book "Test of Reasoning" by Thorpe(TMH)...although it is not one of the "best sellers" but it is quite good. There are plenty of questions that fit in the correct pattern of latest IBPS exam-has easier and tricky questions both. This book worked like a charm for me. Practiced it for a month and I gained confidence in this section.I usually studied reasoning in the morning(6-8 am) time and it freshened my mind for the day.

4.General Awareness
Prepared it daily starting from 3 months before the exam. Studied in the night(10:00-12:00 AM)
Now comes this section...the most dangerous one. I was in touch of Current Affairs as I am a regular Internet(especially Twitter--follow the new channels on it--really helps to improve the current affairs) and Newspaper reader.History,geography,etc I didnt prepare as time was less for it and level could be any--I am not an IAS aspirant currently that GK is handy to I left these.Now left with Banking Awareness which I totally was unaware of...I spent some days(nearly 15 days to mine the internet to find the "Sanjeevni Booti" for it and then one day I came across bankersadda capsules. These were amazing.I matched the level of questions from the past papers and bankersadda fitted in exactly to it. So, I mugged up the PO capsule and was ready for this section too.

5. Computers
It was a bit easier section for me as I had my qualification in CS only.

My Advice
As I am not a success guru or a mentor for anyone...I am not in any position to give any advice to anyone but I say what I myself have learned- Believe in yourself and never listen to any of the negative discussions around you...please STOP SURFING the net the time a negative thought comes in your mind regarding anything,leave such talks if you are having any .Never speculate any cutoffs,etc it will only bring down your confidence..or will make you over-confident(either way it is bad for your success).

Study regularly, a good job requires a deep study. Never calculate the stats for any exam/job profile after you have filled the form or during studying for it..Nobody is Einstein or Newton, if you are good that will surely help you but you must always consider yourself as a common man and prepare accordingly. Give your 100% to everything you choose for urself. 

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