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Success Story of Saheli De (Bank PO in Bank Of India)

One of our reader, Saheli De, from West Bengal has shared her success story with us. Please find below the unedited version of the story -

Dear Bankersadda all future bank job aspirants,

I would like to share my success story of both IBPS PO and clerical. Last year this time, I was confused whether to continue my job in IT (since 2011) or move on to a more settled job like bank. Having parents in nationalized banks was also an added incentive to focus on this thought. I finally left my job in July 2013 and started my preparation for IBPS PO and clerical. As exams were in October 2013, I had very less time to prepare. Nevertheless, I knew I had to crack it in the first attempt itself. I made a very achievable target. It’s important you know what you can do and what not. Please remember to go through last year’s exam papers. It gives you a clear picture of the syllabus.

 Since I had an engineering background, QA was my strongest section. I revised all old concepts from books and solved one QA paper everybody. Initially don’t bother about your speed and concentrate on the accuracy factor. Few weeks before the exam, you are sure to gain good speed provided you follow the shortcuts and speedy way of solving it. Please follow a good guidance book thoroughly as it helps you to go through all the topics.

Next I needed to focus on my second strongest section- Reasoning. Since IBPS conducts online exams, non-verbal Reasoning was out of syllabus. I started to practice verbal reasoning and focused on my weaker sections like critical reasoning, input output and also time to time revise the easier parts like coding decoding, blood relations. Please try to solve a Reasoning paper on alternate days if not every day. The topics that I covered were (Synonyms, Antonyms, Fill in the blanks, Spelling, Usage of words), (Symbols & Notations, Coding-Decoding (Set based), Blood Relations), Analytical Puzzles - Circular & Linear, Distributions, Comparisons), Deductions, Data Sufficiency - Reasoning based, Input-Output, Decision Making. Please remember to practice one DI question every day. Try to have your own shortcut method for these topics.

Next section was computer knowledge. Since IBPS PO had 20 marks for this section, not much effort and time is required for this section. Please go through all concepts like history of computers, generation of computers, different OS and application software chapters. Regular paper solving not required for this section.

Next is my weakest section – General awareness. Since the notification clearly mentions GA with reference to banking industry, it was important I focused on banking knowledge more than current affairs. I must admit nobody can achieve 100% preparation in this section. I tried to read one national newspaper everyday with special focus on general national news, economics etc. and watch the daily news headlines to TV. One could also read the online news to be updated. Please be aware of the last 3 months (before the exam date) current affairs if not more. I made a diary of all the finding from d newspaper and TV and revised the diary a week before the exams. This diary was like my own encyclopedia of GA.

English is a section which doesn’t require too much effort generally. I solved a model paper regularly to brush up my skills. People with non-English medium background should focus on their grammar more to score good marks.

 The most important thing is that an aspirant should be exam friendly. For that I solved a model paper at a gap of 3 days. At the start, the marks came low as I had not covered all the topics but it’s important to be in the exam mood from the start. Since total time provided in the exam is pretty less compared to the number of questions, these paper solving helps to identify the order in which one will attempt the 5 sections in the actual exam day. I followed the order of Computer- GA – QA-Reasoning- English without wasting much time on a particular question. I had allotted a time 5-10-40-40-10 minutes for Computer, GA, QA, Reasoning, English respectively. A balance of 15 minutes was for going back to the questions unsolved in the first attempt. The time division helped a lot when it came to ibps PO as the paper was very tough. The 15 minutes balance helped me to focus on QA and reasoning sections a bit more as revision was out of question for PO exam. The same approach hit bull’s eye as I had good time to revise my clerical exam.

All the best to all future aspirants. Remember that it is not a tough exam and you can do it. It’s important to believe in yourself. For people who do not have a strong maths background, you may enroll to a decent coaching institute for professional guidance.


Saheli De.

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