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Success Story of Shreyas Yaduavnshi (Bank PO in Bank of Baroda )

One of our ardent reader, Shreyas Yaduavnshi has shared his success story with us. Please find below the details story (unedited).

Dear friends,
You must have heard of BILL GATES & STEVE JOBS...none of them completed graduation also. For Success you need to be disciplined & honest with yourself & your work.  You must truly FOCUS , if you work hard & find what mistakes you are doing & keep on improving yourself, you will get success for 100%. Keep remind yourself of your aim everyday, no festival should mean anything to you unless you achieve your goal.

When you truly dissolved in work , you don't realise its day or night, you just do work all day & night.
Just find in which sections you are strong & where you need to work out. ll coaching centres are good (especially Career Power), if you can join any of them. It takes only Rs. 6,000-10,000 to join and if you join, you must value your money.

I always talk 2 myself about my mistakes and treat them as lesson and correct them. I always planned to utilise my maximum time I have, I help my mom in cooking also, as my father is no more So, me and my brother manage other work.

I promised to complete-
Previous year paper PO & clerk - (Learn all the questions of GK and Computer)
Previous year paper of - You must know in which sections you are strong, must attempt that questions first in exams and where to improve. 

Maths - Finish R.S.Agrawal (I always leave mixture & long CI ques & I know I am strong in profit-loss and DI, so I always attmept that question first)

English - R.S.Agrawal objective book + Reading newspaper is must ( Vocabulary building + lots of reading articles is must) Do it daily. (I always leave jumbled sentence and passage/fill in blanks do first, it takes time but you can score more in this)

Reasoning-Previous paper solve (I always leave seating questions where one guy seat looking outside & other inside. As risk in this & I don't want to lose a minute and I find in syllogism/inequality/input questions easy)

Current Affairs - Bankersadda PDF...revise it as many times. You can and you will see that you can remember all points.

That's d secret of mine. Do lots of practise, you will see that you can excel in that section & can mug up things.

U must know in which sections you are strong, attempt that first and leave other questions.
Remember you don't have to solve all 50 questions in a section. If you know 30+ correctly, you will get selection definitely.
I joined Test series of Career Power and always try to be in TOP 500, then 100, then in TOP 10.

I always compete with myself & work with passion to achieve maximum marks. So, do analysis that will help you always - where you are doing mistakes & learn from that.

I lose---
IBPS Clerk 2012-115 by 1 marks
RBI Assistant 2013 -125 by 5 marks 
LIC AAO 2013- 212 by 2 marks
NICl cracked - Can't give interview, as on that day i have to appear for RRB
RRB PO -136 but had Sanskrit option. So, was not allow to appear in intrview

But I continued to work and things turn to be fine
IBPS Clerk 2013 - 131 got BOB
IBPS PO 2013 - 102 got ECGC

I am not settled. I am working for my dream jobs - RBI Grade/ NABARD/SSC. I know I have weakness, as I am poor in writing & grammar but I am determined to focus on my goal & truly work hard & correct myself.  So, it takes time to achieve things but you must never ever lose hope. Be honest with yourself, your work, your family & miracle will happen one fine day in life.
If you give excuse that you r poor, let me tell you one thing, I also lost my father at an early age but I  accepted the truth as in life. Some thing are not in our control.

And we should accept that and we must learn to live life positively & thank GOD what we have. God love all of us equally & has given us equal infinite power. Just Believe in that.

WHERE there is a WILL , there is surely a WAY.ALL THE BEST to All

Shreyas Yaduavnshi

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