Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Only Lady IAS Officer from Pune in 2010 - Rashmi Zagade

Rashmi Siddharth Zagade from Pune began her IAS saga in 2003 and clicked it in 2010 to become the only lady IAS officer from the whole of Pune City in the same year.

 Inspiringly, after making four unsuccessful attempts before, the 29 year old finally bagged 169th rank among more than 800 candidates and proudly gave the credit to Siddharth Zagade, her school drop-out husband!
Despite seeing a great deal of failure previous to her success, that is, four consecutive failed attempts, Rashmi did not give up, and went on with determination and support from her husband. And after making it to the interview stage the fourth time, she took a year’s break to prepare further and never looked back. Rashmi dropped geography and opted for history before reappearing this time when she ultimately did it. Why she credited her husband for her success was because it was he who prodded her to appear for IAS, even when, being a science graduate, she had no idea what this exam was all about!

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