Tuesday, 9 December 2014

How to justify a GAP in IBPS Interview?

How to justify a GAP in IBPS Interview?
Many candidates are worried about the gap in their education or the GAP in their work experience. As per our experience, if you have a substantial GAP in your education qualification or work experience, then this might be one of the probable question which can be asked to you during your interview.

In some case, there are genuine reasons for a GAP like - Marriage (in case of married ladies), accident or some family problem or any other similar problem. In such cases, it is better to tell interviewers about actual reason.

But in most of the cases, a GAP is created as candidates in a dedicated manner prepare for competitive exams and many a times, they join a Coaching Institute for Preparation by leaving there jobs.

In such cases, We feel, the best way to answer this question is - to be honest and tell them frankly that you were preparing for  IBPS or bank jobs (if you do not have any other genuine reason for GAP). As soon as you say this, their next question generally is - did you join a coaching institute for this. We suggest that you should never say in the interview that you joined a coaching for preparation, as generally interviewers perceive this negatively.

Rather,you should say that I prepared myself. If you belong to a poor background, you can also tell them that you can not afford a coaching that is why you are preparing on your own.

They might also ask you - which books did you refer for your preparation? So, be ready with the list of books.

So, go prepared with a story justifying your GAP. Do not feel bad about this GAP, as most of the candidates have a GAP between jobs or educational qualifications. At the same time, do not be clueless if someone asks you about the same.

In the same sequence, they might ask you - why you do you want to join a Bank or why a government job? We will answer these two queries in our next post.

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