Wednesday, 3 December 2014

How to prepare for IBPS Bank PO interview: Part I (For BE/BTech)

How to prepare for IBPS/ Bank PO interview: (Specially for Engineers)

If you are from engineering background then prepare a good answer for the question "You are an engineer, why do you want to join bank".

Here are two standard answers for this question.

1.  If you are Not-working

" Sir, I am looking for Stability, Growth prospects and Social respects, and Bank job provides me all these"

2. If you are working

Sir, I am working in a software company in software support and I consider a bank PO job as my career progression not as a career change, as I will be moving to managerial role from technical role. With my previous experience, I can demonstrate leadership capability, Team management, Out of the box thinking in any decision at my level."

In the interview room:

Be loud and clear. Do not show shaky behavior and do not hesitate in speaking your words. Few people speak in very low volume. Do not bite your lips. While answering to an interviewer, look into his eyes.

Moreover, if another interviewer interrupts you, then handle it smartly. Do not think about "other things" while speaking.

BE POSITIVE. Interviewers try to find a CALM and smart bank employee, who can handle various odd situations with patience.

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