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How to prepare for Interview (for Bank PO and Bank Clerk Exam)

Interview Prep
How to prepare for Interview (for Bank PO and Bank Clerk Exam)
Interview preparation for Banks can be divided under following 5 categories and one should be ready to handle any question from these categories -

1. Personal Question:
2. Work Experience (for people who have more than 1 years experience) or Academics including final year project (for people who doesnt have any relevant experience)
3. Questions based on the Bank (for which the interview is being conducted)
4. General Knowledge (current issues like budget, corruption, women's reservation, Banking Terminologies etc)
5. Questions based on the Bank PO/ Bank Clerk Profile

Some of the questions asked in various Bank PO & Bank Clerk interviews in last one year -

Personal Questions:
A. Tell us something about yourself?
B. What are you strengths/Weaknesses? Give examples to substantiate the same
C.What is your long term goal in life?
D. What if you are not selected in this interview?
E. Why do you want to join a Bank?

Work Experience / Academics
A. What was you final year project. Tell us in detail?
B. What is your current job profile?
C. Why do you want to leave your current job?

Questions based on Bank:
A. What is the punchline of our bank?
B. Who is our CMD?
C. What is the  total asset size for our Bank?
D. How many branches do we have?
E. Why do you want to join our bank or what is special about our bank?

GK Based Questions:
A. What is NPA and its significance
B. What do you mean by CBS Branch?
C. Tell us something about netbanking?
D. What is SIP?
E. Insider Trading
F. Financial Inclusion
G. Difference between Capital Markets & Financial Markets

H. Negotiaable Instrument
I. Difference between saving account and current account?
J. Interest Rate on saving account

Questions based on Bank PO & Bank Clerk Profile:
A. Why a Bank?
B. Do you know what is anything about the profile of a Bank PO/ Bank Clerk
C. How much is the salary of a Bank PO or Bank Clerk?
D. Why do you want to a bank po? or why join as a clerk?

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