Friday, 5 December 2014

IBPS PO III Interview Experience: Deepti Gupta

Well, my name is Deepti Gupta. Here, I am narrating my interview experience of IBPS PO III last year.

My interview was in Bank of India, training centre Noida. There were four panelist - three gentleman (M1, M2, M3 and M4) and one lady (L1).

I entered the room and wished them

I: Good morning sir, good morning sir, good morning sir, good morning maam

M1: Please have a seat. (he is looking into a bunch of papers, i guess having my details).

there is silence for few seconds

M2: so, please can you introduce yourself?

I: sir, my name is  XXX. I am basically from kanpur but have completed my graduation from Greater Noida. I have done B tech from NIET, Greater Noida...

again silence for 5-6 seconds.

M1: So, why do you want to join Banking?
I: sir, i like banking.. moreover I want to join a government job. It is very secure.

M2. Why do you like banking?
I: Sir, it is very repectable... there is lot of interation with people.

M3: (smiling), but beta, there are many other jobs which are respectable. but our question is why banking?

I: (thinking and thinking)

L1: Leave it, tell me - wht are your hobbies?
I: sir reading...

M2 interrupts me in between

M2: Reading wht?
I: Reading books... current affairs etc

M1: What are todays headlines?
I: Arvind Kejriwal will have to pass floor test today. Recently, AAP has formed the government in Delhi and now they have to prove majority in vidhan sabha.

M1: Do you support AAP?
I: Yes

M1: Why?
I: They are fighting against corruption.

M3: Tell me wht is CRR and how RBI uses this as a tool  for various purposes?
I: I tried to explain.

M3: Ok Thanks You. You may leave now.



  1. wow.......hope hmara b itna short ho...fingers crossed!!

  2. i also had the interview same place... but cudn't clear that.