Monday, 8 December 2014

IBPS PO III Interview Experience : Mayank Verma

This is one more interview experience of  IBPS PO III, which goes in a totally different direction and questions are asked from mathematics (educational background related questions).

Name- Mayank Verma
Education – B.Tech E.C. (2008)
Date- 05/01/2014
Venue- BOB, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow
Time- 1.00 PM
Panel- V

Panel Member- All 4 Male Members.

Sir, May I come in sir.
Yes! Come in.
Entered the room…wished them..”Good Evening Sir”
They Replied, 
Good Evening..
M2-plz sits here..
Me- Replied Thank u after have a seat

M2- Ok , Tell me about your self, in brief
Me- Start with Name, Place, education, Experience and I stop.

M2- Bus itna hi.(he wants more)
Me- Yes Sir.

M2- What is your Favorite subject.
Me- Sir, If you talk about B. tech then Digital Electronics

M2-in PCM
Me – Math

M4- Ok, What is the value of Tan 60?
Me-(Thinking) Sorry sir, I forgot (Really mind was not clicking at that time)

M4- Surface area of Cylinder?
Me- Answered

M4- Cone?

M4- Parabola?
Me-Sorry Sir

M4- Ellipse?
Me- Sorry Sir

M1- kitne marks hai PO me?
Me- 66
M1- Last time diya tha?
Me-ha sir.

M1-to interview diya tha?
Me- Nahi sir, written nahi qualify hua tha.

M1- Clerk diya hai is bar?
Me- Ha sir.

M1-ho gya.
Me-Ha sir.

M1-Gramin me bhi hua hai?
Me-Ha sir.

M1-kya bhaiya..sabme job karoge.(all Panel Members are laughing)

M2- Apne Telecom Experience me kya kya kiya?
Me- I told all the thing.

M2- to ap Bank me sabse better kaise ho sakte hai?Reason?
Me- I told that I am graduate from so I have better knowledge of computer. Which help us.

M2-intrrupt me..and said wo to koi bhi kar sakta hai.
M4- Computer Bana lete ho?
Me- Sir, I have software knowledge, but not hardware.

M4- Marconi ka naam suna hai.kaun tha?
Me- Thinking I replied sorry sir..but in few second I replied inventor of Telephone.
       (at that time I don’t know, I am right or wrong.)
M4- Yes..right..isliye to pucha kyonki apke ke field se related hai.(sayed use bhi Answer nahi pata tha..)

M4- ok How a electric Bulb work.? Uske andar kya kya hota hai.
Me- Sir,usme Helium Gas hoti hai.

M4-Element kaun sa hota hai.
Me-(Thinking……) Sir, Tungsten

M4-why only Tunguston.?
Me-melting point high hota hai.

M4- Bus…aur batao.
Me- Sir..nahi yad aa rha.

M4- Resistane bhi to high hota hai.
Me- Yes, sir

M3- Why you leave your job?
Me- I replied?

M3- Ok..ap mujhse kuch puchna chahte ho?
Me- No,sir

M3-are kuch puch lo..hume bhi aata hai.
Me- sir, you are the senior most..i know you have more knowledge.

M3- ok thanks mayank
Me- Thank you sir.

Interview Time- 10 minutes maximum


  1. Is it possible to provide interview experience of a commerce graduate ?

  2. nhi hua hoga to tum kya naachoge beech sadak pe