Friday, 5 December 2014

IBPS PO III Interview Experience: Ravi Nimawat

I reached the center at 8am with Hide n Seek biscuit in my one hand n suitcase in other :P

Then around 9 am Document verification started.
Then we were told to arrange the documents in the prescribed order mentioned there (image of the same I have posted here also ;) )
I got call for DV at 11.45 am as my number on the list was 17 among 25 candidates in Panel-I
Mark my words they are very strict about the passing date (1/7/2013) and also about the caste certificates.
It took around 20 mins for the DV.
Then I got the call for interview at 1 pm
I entered the Room.
There were 4 members all Males M1 M2 M3 M4

Wished them "Good Afternoon all of You"
M2- So Mr Ravi Nimawat
Me- Yes Sir.
M2-Have your seat.
Me-Thank You sir.

M2 was having one blank paper.
M3 was having xerox of my documents.

In my Panel-I out of 25, 3 were absent n out of 22 there were around 15 BTech holders including me.. n I think I was the second last one to give the interview so this thing really made them furious n angry about Engg.

M3- Beta, Kya kiya hai apne Graduation me?
Me- Sir I have done Engineering in Electrical.
M3- Beta jisme pucha usme jawab do na.
Me- Sorry sir, Mene Engineering ki hai Electrical field me.

(if they ask in English answer in English.. if they ask in Hindi then answer in Hindi ::) )

M3- Toh beta ye apne Electrical me ki hai Engg iska to koi role nhi hai bank hi ye kam aane wali..then why should we take you?
Me- Sir other than technical skills I have also enchanced my Logical and Analytical skills along with the team leadership n management skills as I was the overall Co-ordinator of many National level culture n technical events and have also organised n participated in many seminars n presentations.
And I have also been the Class representative in school for couple of years.

M3- Ye sab toh thik hai..Co-curricular activities are good sab me hoti hai but Why Banking only?
Me- Sir banking is the fastest growing sector and bank job provide prestige in society and growth rate is high and.. (in btw answering, I use to wear "KADA" in my right hand so suddenly it came out from sleeves as i have pulled it back b4 going to the room,)

At that time M2 interrupted (who was Muslim just like a Maulana wid coloured beard)- Arey beta Ye kya hai? Ese hi shok k liye pehante ho ya kuch purpose hai iske piche?
Me-Sir, wo Amritsar gye the tab hi se pehna hua hai.
M2- Oh good good!

M3- Electrical se ho to RSEB me apply kyu nhi krte?
Me-Sir 2 years me nikalti hai jobs unki or transparency nhi hai recruitment me.
M2- to waha lag jaegi to Bank chod doge?
Me- nhi sir, bilkul tak to banking industry me one year ka experience ho jaega or sir it would be a foolish decision to leave bank at that time.
M2-acha btao What is Banking?
Me- Answered
M2-How banks helps in boosting the Indian Economy ?
(As I said something about taxes)
M4- acha Tax ki bat ho rhi hai so tell what are Direct and Indirect Taxes with Example?
M1-acha Gift Tax kisme ata hai direct ya indirect?
Me- Sir, No idea
M1-Fir bhi kuch analyse kro kisme aa skta hai?
Me- Sir I think its Indirect Tax.
then they were laughing :(
Then I got tensed and thought Jabardasti sochne ko bola or jo bola wo bhi galat nikla :(
M4-acha btao excise duty kya hai?
Me-answered the Import Duty..(previous answer was wrong so i got confused what to speak)
M4- to fir Import duty kya hai?
Me- Sorry Sir it was Import duty n answered Excise duty
M4- Gold pe import duty kitni hai?
Me- (again confused) said Sir Somewhere btw 10-15 %
M4- Beta Exact btao 10 ya 15%?
Me- again trapped :( sir 15%
M4-Arey Beta 10 hai, Kya kr rhe ho kam kr rhe hai or ap badha rhe ho.
M3- CAD btao kya hai
M2 (chacha :P )- KYC norms and why KYC was neccessary ?
M2- Dad kya krte hai..Family background btao?
Me-Bta diya
M1-Udaipur se ho? acha btao Udaipur ko kis or name se jana jata hai?
Me- Venice of East and Lake City
M4-Fateh Sagar gye ho?
Me- Ji sir ghar k pas me hai 800m walking distance :P
M4- koi speciality btao wha ki?
Me- Smarak of Maharatna Pratap and world's 2nd Observatory between the lake.
(I pronounced Obituary instead of Observatory)
M4- Arey beta kya kr rhe ho itna panic ho jaoge toh kese kam chalega?
Me- Sir 1st interview hai life ka thoda sir slip of tongue sir.
M1- Udaipur Lake city hai to Sun City konsi hai Rajasthan me?
Me- Sir, Jodhpur

M2- Ok Beta, Wish you all the best !
Me-Thanks All of You! and a very Happy New year !
M1 M2 M3 M4- Happy New Year Happy New Year..!
They were really polite and all of them were around 50-55 years of age.
All were smiling and I left the room!

Bs start thoda ganda hua...bus Uda na de due to hell lot of Engineers in panel-1 that made them furious... sab se last me hi akela Engineer gya... :(



  1. Hello Mr.Ravi .. i'm a B.Tech graduate from Andhra pradesh .. I got qualified for interview in IBPS PO 4 .. I have a doubt regarding graduation passing date ..which date will they consider as graduation passing date .. ? date on PC or Marks list .. ?? because for me in PC they mentioned month of passing as July .where as in marks list they mentioned it as August as month of passing ..

    In IBPS PO4 notification they mentioned that one should complete their graduation on or before 11-08-2014 to make themselves eligible for the post .. As i dosen't have any particular indication of date in my certificates and that too i have august as month of declaration of result . So would it make any problem for me at the time of verification of certificates .. ?? Plz reply me ..

    i look forward for your reply ..

  2. passing date is the date at which ur result were declared

  3. But i didn't have any particular date on my certificates .. our university just mentioned month of passing as August 2014

  4. if its nt written in ur result thn m damm sure ,passing date will be the date when ur final results were declared , if u dont remember it ask batchmate :)

  5. hello friends,
    i am going to appear in IBPS PO interview soon,
    but in my application form i have mistakenly written my date of completion of degree as 30june 2014 instead of 15 june 2014..will there be any problem during/after the interview due to this?
    what should i do in this regard?
    please guide?..//

  6. The date of passing the eligibility examination will be the date appearing on the mark-sheet or provisional certificate issued by University/ Institute.

  7. same was the case with me in bank of baroda interview...........they were really fed up of btech gradutaes........... :)

  8. can you send us your interview experience on

  9. did you get any reply to this. if yes let me know this at

  10. hello frnds,
    i have written 66% in my online form in graduation it comes by diving the total marks of all semester by total marks but if we take the final year marksheet thn the aggregate % is coming 67... wil it create a problem during interview.......??