Friday, 5 December 2014

IBPS PO III Interview Experience: Shweta

Interview Date :  2nd Jan, 2014 (1 PM)
Venue : Bank of India, Noida
Panel : VII

Document Verification took 15-20 min. They will verify the following documents (one set of self attested Xerox and originals):
a)  D.O.B proof
b) Graduation certificates- Original degree (if u don’t have degree, provisional will also work), consolidate marksheet, semester   marksheets
c) 10th & 12th marksheets
d) Identity proof (same as u attached with your admit card at the time of written exam)
e) Caste Certificate (if any)
f) Experience Certificate (if any)
Apart from these, they will ask for those documents that u have mentioned in the application form.

My interview turn came around 5 PM and went on for 10-12 min. There were 4 members- Chairman (CM), P2, P3, P4, all male and in their 50s. I entered the room & wished them- Good evening to all of you. They said good evening and offered me sit. I said Thank you sir.

CM: What have you done in your graduation?
Me: Sir B.Tech in IT
CM: Passed out in which year?
Me: 2012 sir
CM: Then what u did after 2012
Me: I answered well
CM: Tell me about your father’s profession
Me: I answered well
CM:  Who regulates insurance sector?
Me: IRDA (Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority)
CM: Where is it’s headquarter?
Me: I don’t know sir
CM: It is in Hyderabad
Me: Thank u sir
CM: Who regulates share market?
Me: Sir SEBI
CM: Where is its HQ & who is chairman?  Me: Sir in Mumbai & Mr. U K Sinha
CM: What is difference between Primary & Secondary market?
Me: Sir in Primary market, new IPOs of companies are offered and in secondary market we buy and sell shares of already listed companies.
Now CM was looking quite impressed
CM: What is IPO?
Me: Sir it is Initial Public Offer issued by new companies
CM: What is Follow up IPO? If IPO has already issued then what is the need of it?
Me: Sir I don’t know
CM: He told me that Follow up IPO is offered when company has not made profit by offering IPO.
Me: Ok sir
CM: What is RBI?
Me: Sir RBI is central bank of India. It regulates all banks in India and also regulates inflation & monetary policy by managing some rates.
CM: does it regulate cooperative banks also?
Me: Yes sir (I was not sure about this while answering, but after seeing his expression I think ans was correct)
CM: Do u have any bank account?
Me: Yes sir in Axis bank & SBI
CM: Who is head of SBI?
Me: Madam Arundhati Bhattacharya
Then he directed others to ask.
P2: He asked me about one term which I was hearing first time (and even don’t remember what the term was).
Me: I don’t know sir
P2: Have you heard about CSR?
Me: Yes sir it is Corporate Social Responsibility, in it companies have to spend 1% of their profit for social improvement and social uplifting
P2: Is it 1% or 2%?
Me: Sir 1 %, I have read somewhere.
CM: Where have u read?
Me: Sir in some magazine
CM: Smiled and said it is 2%
Me: Thank u sir
P2: Tell me 2 companies which are following CSR?
Me: Infosys, TCS
Then P2 directed others to ask
P3: Tell me 2 names of public & pvt banks who’s head is a woman
Me: I answered well
Public - SBI (Arundhati Bhattacharya)
                        BMB (Usha Anantasubramaniam)
                Pvt- Axis Bank (Shikha Sharma)
                      ICICI (Chanda Kochar)
P3: Earlier u said that RBI controls monetary policy, when govt. passes the budget then what is the need of monetary policy?
Me: (With some hesitation) Sir with monetary policy RBI control money supply in market by managing some rates like- CRR, SLR, Repo, reverse repo rate
P3: what is reverse repo rate?
Me: sir the rate at which RBI borrow loan from banks
P3: current reverse repo rate is?
Me: 6.75%
P3: when RBI borrows from other banks, then money in market increases or decreases?
Me: Sir it decreases
Then P3 said ok
P4 didn’t ask any question, he was watching and smiling in between the interview. I think he was there to observe the candidates.
Then CM wished me all the best.  I said thank you sir and went out.
When I came out of the interview room I came to know that CM and one member among the panel were retired managers of PNB.

Suggestion : Don’t get nervous, be confident and say without hesitation when u don’t know something. Make eye contact with everyone while answering. Before going for interview look all banking terms and don’t forget any document. Give your best shot.

Analysis : The board was very cordial and humble. I gave my best and I m pretty much satisfied with my interview. Your analysis and reviews are welcomed in comment section.

All the best to everyone.