Wednesday, 3 December 2014

IBPS PO III Interview Experience : SUNDARARAMAN

Category: General
Venue: Indian Overseas Bank, Regional Office, Chennai
Time: 1:00pm   Date: 06/01/2014
Interview Document Verification Started at 2:15pm.
Interview Document Verification completed at 2:35pm
Interview – 2:55pm-3:05pm

Interview Experience
There were totally four members, all were male (M1,M2,M3,M4)- among them M2 was silent observer.
Gently knocking the door I entered inside.
ME: May I come in sir.
M1: Yes, come in.
M1: please have your seat.
Me: thank you sir.
M1: So, you are Sundararaman.
Me: yes sir.
M1: you finished your graduation in 2010, what were you doing till now.
Me:Sir,I was working for two years with XXX company.
M1: are you still working.
M1: ok. Why do you want to join bank?
Me:By joining bank I will get an opportunity to serve people.(M1 interrupting, saying good)
M1: is bank the only way to serve the people?
Me: No sir, Banks are just one of the medium to serve the people.
M1: ok. How will you serve the people?
Me:Sir, today in rural areas still people are not aware of various technologies which banks are offering like finger print authorization and use the debit cards.They find extremely difficult to interact with bank customers. I will reach out to them and try to sort their problem.
M1: ok. I am villager with 1000 rs. How will you help me?
Me: sir,I will ask for your documents and verify it and advice you to open S/B account.
M1: why s/b account and not fixed deposit a/c
Me: sir, it will depend upon your period of investment.
M1: what documents are needed for opening bank account?
Me: sir, address proof, ID proof and KYC form.
M4:if I don’t have pan card , what to do?
Me: sir, we can manage with ration card.
M3: if ration card is also not there but if we want to give proof that a person is residing at a particular place for a period of time.
Me:sir, we can get a domicile certificate.
M3: who will issue it?
Me: sir, tashildar.
M3: it’s a tedious process. Any other easy way?
Me:sorry sir, I don’t know.
M3: we can get a post office Id card from the nearest post office.
M3:what is anti money laundering (aml). Have you come across this?
Me:yes sir.its basically to restrict the entry of black and illegal money into circulation. Also to prevent the conversion of black money into white money. This is the reason why banks are insisting on KYC.
M4: have you heard of mohammad yonous?
Me: mohammad yonous of grameen bank!
M4: yes.
Me: sir, he revolutionized the life style of poor and economically weaker sections by giving them credit and loan for their livelihood and he encouraged them to be an entrepreneur.
M4: did he get any award for his achievement?
Me: yes sir, he got Nobel Prize.
M1:can you work in rural area?
Me: yes sir.
M1: are you sure . later you should not say to change the location.
Me: surely, I am ready to work in rural area.
M1: what is your score?
Me:sir, 81.
M1: good score.
M1 to M3&M4: do you have anything to ask?
M3 & M4: saying no.
M1, M3&M4: Thank you sundararaman. Wish you all the best.
Me: thank you sir. Belated New Year wishes and advance sankaranti and pongal wishes.
M1, M2, M3, M4: (with laughter) thank you, thank you wish you the same.
Me: left the room gently.

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