Monday, 8 December 2014

Part 1: What hobbies should I mention in a banking interview?

This is a simple question asked in any interview. And anyone can answer wish ease!!

But the intention of the interviewer while asking this question is different. He wants to know how well you know your hobby, whether you are truthful about it!!

So make sure whatever hobby you talk about you should have a fairly good knowledge of it! So you can answer the follow ups which will definitely be put up!!

For banking domain, there cannot be any hobby specific to this except if you have a flair of numbers or something.

You can say you read! And relate it to banking by showing that you recall some parts of the book which shows your concentration and accuracy!

So in the end it all depends on you how you portray something to convince the people that you are the best for the job!!
Good luck!


  1. if possible then please publish something related to RRB PO interview..

  2. These are common interview questions....anyway we will publish interview experiences of RRB PO interview experiences also..

  3. thnxx... actually I may have to give RRB PO interview that's why I asked.... I got 121 in OS-1 frm U.P.