Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Pramod Pandharinath Vispute - (Bank PO : Bank of Maharashtra)

I am Pramod Pandharinath Vispute, from Aurangabad,Maharashtra, very glad to tell you I have allotted : Bank of Maharashtra as PO, Dena Bank as Clerk.
My Dream was to get into nationalised bank as manager, I had given RBI Asst, RBI Gr.B, SEBI, RRB PO, because of aptitude by 2-3 marks I was getting away from success. I knew Failure is the first step of Success. As soon as IBPS Notification hit I introspect myself ,and started working on my weakness i.e. aptitude. I was studying in Symbiosis Library in Pune. i had done great Hardwork. i was going in the library early in the morning 6.30am  remembering nirankar/god  and

solving PO practice set then its evaluation. Apart from paper I was solving 10 DI daily I was weak at numbers hence I started spending much time on numbers. After lunch I was feeling sleepy so we had a group we were reading GA, Computers. (Bankers adda’s Capsule, banking terms…) from 4pm English, I was regularly reading Business Standard which help me a lot.

Success Journey:

I have completed my MBA in International Business. I got realised, I get peace from within while serving people & those who have Passion as profession  they are Happiest people in the world. I should work in service industry in which Bank is good option has plenty of opportunities at managerial level .I had faith on my abilities, hence whenever I was speaking it was never negative. I recall  lines of our Former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Ji,”Sapne Wo Nahi Jo Nind Mai Dekhe Jate Hai,Sapne Wo Hote Hai Jis se Nind Nahi Aati”.As per these lines,we were really doing calculations in the sleep we were staying on Room in Pune when we were getting up in the morning my room-meats saying you were calculating in sleep ,you were saying Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s Visit to china …. Really friends TO GET SOMETHING ONE HAS TO BE MAD.On 28th of November I was travelling by train in general boogie to Pune,while travelling I got news I got selected as PO, I started crying I was aware that how I struggled. It was written exam result but I was confident on my sincere efforts,and my qualification,communication skill,etc and hence it was my final result with the blessings of nirankar I had sweets I distributed it. Formally i had given interview on 5th Jan,14,Bank of Maharashtra , interview was good,at the end of the interview sir from panel said Pramod your Handwriting is very good ….it was an indications for me that I will get the post PO and I was deserving for it.

I attribute my success to my Parents,Almighty Nirankar, Friends.through out this PO journey Bhaag Milkha Bhaag movie played an Inspirational role in my success. I was starting my day by watching training session of Milkha Singh From the movie and it is also on friends phone because I had simple phone 1110i nokia, now I will purchase Samsung note.

Questions Asked in the interview:
Why 1st preference ECGC,work of ECGC,How RBI Came to know about FOREX Reserve,Documents involved in international Trade,currency of any five countries,What is Current a/c Deficit,your positive,negative points,Nostro-Vostro A/c,etc.

Suggestions to Bank Aspirants:

Understand your qualities. Solve practice sets daily,evaluate it.Never get demoralised. Give your sincere efforts and plan for today your tomorrow will be bright.
”Sincerity Never Go Waste it return with returns”

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