Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Sarabjit Singh - IBPS Clerk Interview

We are sharing an interview experience of Sarabjit Singh.

My Interview Experience- 12 Feb 14, 1300 hrs
Cat – EXM
State – Chandigarh
Score- 108
Venue- PNB Panchkula

After document Verification, I was told to be seated for my turn.
Then I was given a piece of paper and asked to write in Hindi What I can do for the bank within 5 years if selected in just 3- 4 sentences.

Inside Panel room 4 persons including 1 lady member.
As I entered the room I wished the lady first and then all other members.
M1: Are you still in service.
Replied Yes.
M1 when are you going to be retired.
M2 Recently one pilot lost his life and he belongs to Chandigarh. Can you Name Him?
I said Sorry Sir I do not Know
M1: you are working in Chandigarh?
I said No Sir, I am presently working in Mumbai.
M2: - Ok Then you must not have heard about him.
M1: -which is the highest gallantry award in armed forces?
Replied Param Vir Chakra.
What is the total capacity of MI 17 H/c?
M2: - Recently an MI 17 H/C crashed in Uttarakhand. What was the problem?
Replied. Again M1: - what is the speed of Mi17 H/c.
Then M1 asked M3 to ask a question.
M3: - What is Financial Inclusion.
M4: - Who issue Pan card.
Replied. Income Tax department.
M4: - who issue Aaadhar card
Replied. UID Department.
Again M1: - what is a bank and its Role.
M2: - what is online Banking?
M2: - How it is useful
Again M1: - If you are allotted a bank in a remote place where there is no power supply. How will you find yourself

Then they said OK you may go now.
I Thanked them