Saturday, 27 December 2014

SBI Assistant - Interview Experience

We are sharing an interview experience of shreya for SBI Assistant Post

List of questions asked  in her interview:-

1. Started with why banks, why less marks in engineering, why not IT or some other field

2. The entire structure of banking - they said start with the apex level

3. What's monetary policy? diff b/w monetary n fiscal policy.

4. Tools provided to RBI for monetary policy. What are OMO ? What are govt securities?How does selling / buying govt securities affect liquidity?

5. what are all rates for (LAF)? What is inflation? Whats the core reason behind inflation?

6. What are nuclear fission and fusion? Where are they used?

7. Does light have wave or particle nature? Which experiment is used to depict each?

8. What is god particle?

9. Name 3 corporate leaders that inspire u and why. Name 3 female politicians that you admire and  why.

10. Whats make in india? whats Jan dhan? The overdraft facility in jan dhan?

11. Labour reforms? Swachh bharat abhiyaan ? Name the celebrities that were asked to join in by NaMo.

12. What is ISIS? reason behind the crisis.

Being honest the level of questions was easier than what she faced in SBI PO's interview.