Saturday, 20 December 2014

SBI Clerk 2014 - Interview Experience - ATISH KABIR

Atish, one of the AchiversAdda reader, has shared his interview experience with us -

I am Atish from punjab. I am sending you my SBI Bank Clerk experience. It was my second interview(first was - last year ibps clerk and I couldn't done well in that ).
Venue- sbi zonal office - Ludhiana
Date- 9/12/14
Time- 9 am
Panel - 1
I reached there on time. Our document verification started at 9' o clock. My turn was second last in the batch of 20 candidates in which 8 candidates were absent . they verify all document twice, so be careful. simultaneously they started the interview. first candidate was a girl her interview went for almost 20 minutes and so on for others. Mine was second last so I have to wait for almost 2.30 hr after document verification. after 12' o clock they anounce my name. There were 4 male and 1 female in my panel.
they were very friendly .
My Interview -
M1- So you studied bsc computer science , tel me the diff btween bsc and bio tech
ME- Explained but i dnt think so he was fuly convinced by my ans.
M1- Ok tel me meaning of ur name
ME- explained and then sudnly he ask me for meaning of my mother's name. i was litle bit surprised from this que .
F1- tell me why we give you a job and why you are not going to IT industries.
ME- Told her bla bla ratta rtaya gyan by others interview experience. also said that my marks not so good that any good compny wil give me good job. she said , you are saying who have lesser marks they all go for bank? I said no mam but it is also a reason . She was convinced .
M2- As you are from IT background. tell me what are the ways by which any one can tranfer his money to other.
ME- DD, Chek,through online transaction etc.
M2- Ajkl khte hai k apna bank aapki pocket me! what the meaning of this?
ME- its mobile banking sir
M3- In punjabi he said, there is some issue in Noor Mahal side. what is that and what is your view?
me- explained
F1- you knw punjabi? give your introduction in punjabi.
ME- Yes mam. explained
M4- What is jan dhan yojna and motive?
ME- Explained
M4- ok
M1 - Nice now you can go.
ME- Thank you all of you and left the room.
It was good experience for me. just be confident in front of them . 

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