Tuesday, 23 December 2014

SBI Clerk 2014 - Interview Experience - Abhay Tripathi

Hello Readers, Here we are sharing you all the Interview Experience of SBI Clerk 2014 of one of the ReaderHope you like the post!!!

Hello everyone,I am presenting my experience of SBI clerks interview… hope it will be useful for all of you.My interview center – SBI administrative office, VaranasiTime- 12:00 PMCenter was at a distance of 5 min from my home, so I reached on time.
Document  verification started at 4 PM (it was too late)Really rigorous document verificationI was literally very nervous at that time. Officials at the doc verification really supported and pumped me after doc verification.Finally I was sent for interview at 6:10 PMPanel consisted of four members – 3 male M1, M2, M3 and 1 female LadyKnocked at the doorI - May I come in Sir?M1 - Yes YesMe entered (smiling) … said Good evening to everyone… they said me to SitNow,M1 - So, you have done electrical engineering… explain the difference between Electrical and Electronics…I - ExplainedM1 - explain it with an example of TVI - ExplainedM1- what does your father do?I- ToldM1- So, your father has a business of electrical goods and you are an electrical engineer …so why don’t you help your father in his business??I- Explained the complexities in it.And then a good discussion on my family , my mother , sister everything…Then he handed over to the ladyLady - When was Bangladesh formed?I - I was really confused at that time between 1965 or 1971… so I told her the story behind Bangladesh formation and surrender of Pakistani forces on 16th dec… and I said to her that I am confused between 65 or 71Lady - Its ok!! Its 1971I - Thank you mam.Then she handed over to M2After then it was a good discussion with M2 on willful defaulters and he asked about my strengths which will be useful for banks and how I will work in banks and about my liking of banks…. It was a very good discussion… I also enjoyed and answered all of his queries very calmly and confidentlyThen he handed over to lady againLady – What is NPA?I- AnsweredThen she handed over to M4M4- What is capital adequacy Ratio? What is the need of it?I – ExplainedM4 - What are assets?I - ExplainedM4 – Give the name of three north-eastern states and their capitals ?I- ToldM4- OK for me…Handed over to M2Then the last and one positive thing for me in the interviewM4 - aapki determination to acchi hai… aap ise continue kar paoge?I- (very confidently) definitely Sir, I will do my work with utmost honesty and I will try do my best….M4- Ok!!Thank You, you may go now… (smilingly)I – Greeted thank you to everyone and said have a great day all of you then I came out smiling.Good experience for me … hope it will help many of you… :)Thank You… :)

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