Saturday, 20 December 2014

SBI Clerk 2014 - Interview Experience - FARHAN GHUMRA

Hello Readers,

Here we are sharing you all the Interview Experience of SBI Clerk 2014 of one of the ACHIEVERS ADDA Reader. Hope you like the post!!!

Hello everyone,
I am presenting my experience of SBI clerks interview… hope it will be useful for all of you.
Interview Date: 16th December 2014
Venue: State Bank Learning Center, Thaltej, Ahmedabad
Panel: 1
Time: 9 AM
Eduation: BE (CE)
Work Experience: 2.5+ years of experience in IT company

I reached venue on about 8.30 AM. The venue is in outskirts of city so I depart earlier. At the gate, security guard checked my identity and bags were being checked. In the ground of center, there were four blocks each for panel. I was told to sit in panel 1 block. There was a person, who was validating our documents gave me a underwriting to write. Then he instructs us about how we should organize our docs. There were 6-8 newspapers for each panel candidate. Water, tea, coffee and biscuits were also for candidates. My turn was in last (18th) and validation process was also happening as per the turn so I was free till my turn came. So I read newspapers and ate the snacks. When the docs was validated the verification process was being executed in another office where the documents was verified with original certificate. Please note if you are employed then you have to carry offer letter and experience/relieving letter if you have resigned in past. Since I have not resigned yet, I took the offer letter. The verification and interview were being executed parallel. My verification process completed on about 11.45 AM. Then I was waiting for my call. At last I was called on 1.15 PM.
Before entering the room, I thought there will be a table and the panel would be sitting surrounding it but I was socked to see the situation. When I enter the room, after knocking and taking permission, I saw there was a drawing room kind of room. Panel were seating in sofa set. I greeted them and they request me to sit. The position of sofa and chair for candidate was in such a way that they can analyze you in full way. They can even see if you legs are shacking or not :D
There were 4 men and 1 woman. One has only observed me, who was on extreme right side of me.
The main interviewer exactly on front of me started the interview. I was asked these questions.

- Tell me about yourself
- Why clerical despite higher current salary
- How your degree and experience can be useful in bank
- Where is Dalal Street and Wall Street
- Where is Gateway of India and India Gate
- Where is Rajkot and Pathankot
- Five names of hill-stations situated in north India
- Info about Saurashtra, its industry, ports and culture (Since I am from that region of Gujarat)
- Is Mundra port private or public
- Who is owner of it
- Will I survive if I posted to Kutchh region
- Where's Pokharan and its importance, main name behind that
- Who might be chosen for Bharat Ratnaa award and when the announcement could be
- 2 tagline of banks (I don't remember any)
- Which products can I offer to farmer
- The name of document that depicts the owner of land, which is essential while applying for loan

I was not able to answer few questions which are given below

- Where is Pathankot
- Date about Bharat Ratna and Pokhran
- 2 tagline of banks
- The name of document that depicts the owner of land, which is essential while applying for loan

I hope my experience would be helpful to you...

Best of Luck :)


  1. Very difficult ! I would be asked those ques I would be nt even answered one ! You all surely get through best of luck (y)

  2. why are you planning to be a clerk after working 3 + years ....

  3. thats not bad.. that document for applying home loan is form no.7/12

    .. rest questions are really tough and when they sit in that pose it does felt strange to me also..