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Success stories from SBI PO - 2014 : Abhishek Banerjee (SBI PO)

Dear Readers,
I successfully managed to clear SBI- PO exam 2014,
 I am sharing my success story here:

Phase 1
Attempt at SBI-PO-
I started my preparation from the month of April during the final semester of my college, just after the notification was out for requirement of probationary officers in SBI.
I prepared all by self for near about 2 months.
DI & Reasoning –
 Practice from any good book available in the markets, and for higher level problems one should do previous years LR & DI Questions of CAT.

 Make a habit of reading a good newspaper, preferably ‘The Hindu’ or ‘The Indian Express’
(Not TOI please!). Along with it, vocab cards which one can get from anywhere, even on internet they are available should be used to strengthen this section.
 Along with it proper practice from any book should be sufficient. Don't be too much bothered about the answers in the books, as every book has a few mistake, just be focused on the questions, as answers in Eng. are very flexible unlike Quant.
  I think if one is thorough with any good newspaper and B.A. GK updates regularly along with capsules of BA, one can score heavily in this section too.

Descriptive Test-
 For this, again one needs to rigorously follow newspapers, articles of Economic times,
 Business Std. etc. and should be averse with all the basics of letter, paragraph and precis writing.
 Practice and proper time management is equally important here.
Although I didn’t take too many mock tests, but one must go through previous years question papers to stand a good stead in the examination as it gets us acquainted with the exact kind and pattern of questions.
DATE- 20th Oct, 2014.
It lasted for about 30 mins.
I spoke both about the pros and cons of it, as group discussion does not necessarily have to be one sided like any other normal debate. Everyone was given 2 mins to opine their views and 10 mins for collective discussion.
Interview Experience-
 There were five members in the panel (4 Sirs and 1 lady), all retired GM's of SBI and its affiliates.
 I was the second last member of the second group in the evening slot of perhaps the last
    day of interviews in New Delhi ( 20th Oct) as was told by the staff members there.
 It lasted for about 22-25 mins approx.
    Panel members- P1, P2, P3, P4 (Male members) and L1 (lady member)
Me- Good Evening Sirs, Good Evening Mam.
Panel Members- *In unison* Good Evening Abhishek, please have a seat.
P1- So, Abhishek you are working at this company, what kind of projects have you done thus far?
Me- I explained all that i did and was doing at that point in the organization.
P1- You are working for the past 3 months and is this your first job?
Me- Yes Sir.
* Then he asked something related to Software Asset management related my job profile, which i found hard to make him understand. Nonetheless, he seemed satisfied.*
P2 (Seemed very serious)- Abhishek, what is corporate governance?
Me- Explained.
P2- What kind of topics are you comfortable with?
* May be i should have said something i am good at, rather i said, "I have pretty much knowledge about all the latest happenings around the world".*P2- Okay, lets start with Economics then!
Me- In Mind * Oh no i am an Engineer*
P2- Current Inflation rate?
Me- CPI or WPI?
P2- Both
Me- Answered correctly.
P2- Whats the target for CPI rate fixed by RBI and when and how does it tend to impact the
      Indian Economy?
Me- Explained, but he kept on insisting as to why doesn't RBI bring down the rates as he
      thought the target of 8% Cpi is achievable and well withing reach.
P2- Explain the current bottlenecks in Indian Economy?
Me- Tried to explain to some extent, was talking about taxation and stuff....but cut short by him.
P2- What is GST? What is the issue with it? Why aren't the states willing to accommodate?
Me- Explained briefly. He seemed to be satisfied and done with me.
P3- Explain the term "Impossible Trinity"?
Me- I am afraid Sir, i have never heard of it.
P3- Okay, what is the current Forex Reserve of India?
Me- Answered.
P3- What is Forex and should Govt. have more say in Forex than RBI?
Me- Tried to answer, but he didn't seem satisfied.
P3- I think, you are not getting my question properly, okay tell me do you thing India
      should have the same policy for Forex Reserves like other countries say perhaps China?
Me- * Didn't had an idea about Forex policies of China*.
I mentioned to him the advantages of higher forex and all, but said have no idea whether India should emulate theChinese.
P4- Was just a mere observer. May be he was observing my positions and way of answering.
L1- Hello. Have you heard of this term ‘CSR’?
Me- Answered.
L1- Current CSR policy for corporates?
Me- Answered, a bit apprehensively though.
L1- Since you had your clientele as Microsoft, so tell me is Microsoft venturing into India akin to FDI in multibrand sector?
Me- *Good One* Tried to explain the job that software companies create in a developing markets and their benefits.
L1- But it may also act as a monopoly and smother domestic software industries.
Me- Explained the pros and cons of the same with some practical examples.
L1- What laws should the Govt. formulate to curb down on monopolistic practices by such companies, there are a lot of news like such going around, especially in the world media about companies dominating markets, are you keeping a tap on that?
Me- Tried having a generic view on this, but wasn't sure of it.
L1- Okay how does foreign companies affect developed and developing countries' markets?
Me- Again tried explaining to the different kinds problems faced by developing nations like India- FDI's disadvantages and for developed nations- the level of saturation that they have reached etc.
L1- Okay Abhishek *with a smile*, we are done, you may leave now. * Smiles again*
Me- *Smiles back* Thank you!

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