Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Success Story of Pradeep (Bank PO in IDBI Bank )

One of our ardent readers, Pradeep has shared his success story with us. Please find the details story (unedited).

I, Pradeep, am an average student and also a below average in my school days. All my academic performance is around 60% and getting 60% was my good sign because that is the minimum % required for every government  jobs.

After completing my B. Tech (Information Technology) from VIT University, Vellore in 2011, my first failure was campus interview (CTS and Wipro). I was sure of the fact that I am very weak in technical knowledge. If a person is not selected in campus interview he loses his merit. So I decided to write competitive exams to get a secure job.

I joined many coaching centers for Civil Service and Bank. I was sure that I want only government job but I am not sure about which sector to select. I have applied for each and every government job exam whichever I was eligible.

From Dec 2011 to Dec 2013, I was mostly engaged with exams on Saturdays and Sundays. Since exam became common to me, I didn't focus on particular exam, that is a blunder mistake I have done. But I started to clear some exams like (NICL Asst, SSC, IBPS Clerk 2011, SBI Assistant, RRB ) but failed in all interview because of interview fear and also by two common question’s.

1) What are you doing after completing your B. Tech in 2011?
2) Why were you not placed in campus interview?

 I was trapped by these questions in each and every interview. Things become more complicated after two years, I was unable to face any of my relatives and have no answer for, "what you are doing now?" But the happy thing about my struggle was my parents supported me a lot. But it is difficult to satisfy both friends and parents in this situation because friends wanted you to be with them and parents wanted you to study at every time, so it’s very difficult.

At last I started to focus on a single exam - IBPS PO-3 and IBPS Clerk 3. I prepared sincerely for PO 3 for 1 month and clerk for a week and completed my exams well with my experience of two and half years .

IBPS was very fast in declaring the written result and I was little bit happy about my marks po-81 and clerk 115 (Tamil Nadu) with this mark. I thought I would be in the final list by scoring minimum mark in the interview. So, I started to prepare for the interview. I am once again screwed with same above question in the interview. Except those question,  I was satisfied them with technical answer. After the interview I was in full psychic condition, I was in a great dilemma whether to withstand with  this or move on to any private job. From Jan to March 31, my character became abnormal.

I am an atheist but during this 3 month, I was in great dilemma whether God exist or not. Finally a long marathon came to an end on April 1 morning. I got IDBI Bank as PO and Dena Bank as Clerk.

I was really sad to hear that many of our friends has failed in the interview, I could feel your pain but instead of blaming them start trying to rectify our own drawbacks and mistakes. There are lot of job opportunities in coming year, so please don’t lose hope and don’t believe in luck. Hard work  never fails. Friend please rectify the mistakes I have done and get the job as soon as possible. All the best for everyone.
Failure is not permanent


  1. Very inspirational. Much needed. Thanx

  2. IDBI bank doesn't come under IBPS recruitment process...!!!! ☺
    Now I know what we're you doing since 2011, jaake computer becho...!! IT

  3. thanks... i have same problem.may i know your mail id plz?i wanna ask you about those 2 ques.

  4. Man!!seriously !!u are my alter-ego!!!we both share exactly the same twist and turns in our life!!have a gr8 life...