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Success Story - Prabhakaran Stalinrani - PO in Indian Bank

Hello Readers,
We decided to share a very inspiring story with you all. Really, couldn't find any other perfect timings for this success story than "NOW". So, here we go....

Hi readers, as you all preparing for IBPS exams in full swing. I am Prabhakaran Stalinrani. I like to share my experience and struggles I pass through to get this job. I hope this post will  give positive energy and give a additional  boost  for  hard workers.

Indian Bank - Unforgettable Journey

As this title suggests Job in IB is unforgettable thing for me. 

After finishing my college start my bank exam preparation for IBPS Clerk 2012. As I failed in it because of my carelessness. I again worked hard for a year to grab this job. During this journey passing written exam is very tough for me.But after many failures I learn better and got selected in written examination in one private bank. Even I get good marks in written I didn't get selected for the post. At the time the belief of my father and relatives on me gone. Everyone say that you are not fit for Bank job. Some of my friends also depressing me like why you are wasting your fathers money and stuck here. Better choose some other field. Bank exams having  pool of competence. You are not the equipped person in this race.

I am totally depressed. My family said that "we won't support you further for your preparation".
As I don't have that much maturity to handle this situation, I did some mad things such as walking on highway without any sense. Thinking about this and speaking madly in night like many. My father urge me to come back to native and stop your preparations. It is one of the most hectic day in my life. I packed up everything and leave my bank books alone in room. Because I think that if my father changed his mind and if a sudden miracle happens and if some money come likewise.

After some days I got a call from my parents and said "We will borrow and give you money.Give a try and if you won't succeed that's not a problem. We will support you". That gives a real spark in my life. I started and it move on. After a month the relative who accept to give the money change their mind after they come to know "I am preparing for bank ".Then I know how one should change for social status.

Then with a great support of my family and friends I start my preparations on bank exams. I frame a full day schedule for 3 months. I write my schedule and the target for completion in my calendar. Hardly I work hard for 3 months and finally the day came. I am going to write the IBPS PO exam. Before I went to the exam I got bad review about the exam “Very tough!!! No time!!!” likewise. But I don’t lose my confidence because I don’t have any other chance. After I finish the exam my all positive energy and confidence all gone. Exam is really very tough. When I came out of exam hall I don’t know what's happening inside. But I attend the maximum number of questions in each section.

I return to my native. As Diwali festival is in nearing stage everyone is busy and happy in arrangements except me. I walk through streets of my town by thinking that “At last our friends and relatives prediction is correct.You are not fit for bank exam preparation Prabha. I became aggressive and blame God why a average student have not able to clear the exam huh likewise “..Then suddenly I received a message”You are provisionally selected in  written examination. Interview dates will be announced shortly”. Got msg from one old private sector bank as I give the PO exam written test during the three months of my preparation. Happiness arises and enjoyed diwali ,then I am ready to go to CBE for preparing IBPS Clerk exam. At the time I leaving the house the result of IBPS RRB came. One of my friend informed me and asked my number. As I don’t done gk well in the examination I told my roll number to him and said that “Please don’t call me if I didn’t clear the exam”. But He called...I cleared..Back to back awesome movements in my life.

Atlast I gain confidence. I am happy because I cleared my first competitive examination in my life
Then I continue my preparations in full swing for IBPS Clerk exam. Finally on one fine day when I am waiting in ticket counter in theatre for watching night show IBPS PO result came. I use my phone with lots of heartbeats to view the result. Then the page loaded and result came as "Congradulations". I overwhelmed with a much of joy. But I got the average mark. I got a situation that "If you give your 100% in your interview then only you get your job". I never get back. I start my interview  preparation. At the beginning I got nervous to speak. Then I spend time to speak with mirror and check how to improve my body language and everything I observe about me. It will help to give my interview good. Then everything will be over. Then the judgement day came and I got selected in Indian Bank. Meanwhile I got selected in Clerk in Indian Bank too and got a maximum combined score holder in OBC. Really a great achievement!!!

My father didn't ask anything from me. But during the final year of my college he feels to my mom by saying that "All of my friends said that their sons and daughters got selected in 3 companies 4 companies. But i don't have that eligibility to say..What to do for prabha's future. I donno. Even I got anger, how to settle him." At that time I have only one thing in my hand to do for them .i.e. Feel for his words. As he say I don't have knowledge in any field. I just feel it from back and come. But in that time too i didn't get spark to study for the exam. When I start working, when I learn well, when I don't have option in my life" a real fire sparks in me. I got job. Now I am happy. I want to give a pride to my father in 3 stages.(1.12th standard, College placement, bank exam)

Thank God I give it in my 3rd stage. Now my father happily says that "My son got selected in 3 banks". On hearing this I feel that I achieved it.

I am not a hard worker.
I am not a smart person.
I am not a genius.

But when I am in death situation(Last try) all these qualities came to me. So I request you all to study with love and care.

Unforgettable moments during this preparation..

1.My clerical result come on the previous day of New year.

2.When I got selected in Indian Bank I, my father, my mother all very busy in telling this matter to our friends, relatives and neighbours.But my grandma who is 90 age older, who is not able to walk properly went and brought sweets for me. At that time my eyes is full of tears....

3.From my childhood days I didn't touched anybodys feet (bend down and get blessings) from anyone. My father didn't allow me to do that. But when I received my appointment order two days back i touched my parents feets. Both of them get tears because of joy...
My Advice

Love your book and study. Even you don’t face a situation like me but think as your final situation and work hard. Definitely you will achieve it. You will taste the fruit.

Think positive when you attend the exams.

First set in your mind that “If a question paper is tough for you it is tough for everyone”. For setting that mindset you will be completely equipped.

Try to identify the speed breakers while attending the exam.

I wish you all the best to AchieversAdda readers for your exams!


  1. Thank u so much sir.. Great inspiration for bank aspirants..

  2. congrates.................and thank u for ur inspiring story......