Thursday, 18 December 2014

Success Story (Pradeep Singh - SBI PO)

Pradeep Singh
I am from bhubaneswar. I did my schooling from bhubaneswar and then graduation (B.Tech) from Greater Noida. I am a student of Electronics branch. After completing my B.Tech I tried for a JOB in the private sector but couldn’t get anything suitable.
At that time, high numbers of vacancies were being announced in the banking sector. So, I decided to try for bank po exams. I started my preparation in 2010.
Preparation Strategy - 
I took speed tests periodically.Speed tests also helped me a lot. My friends called me speed boy. Most of the time I like to sit in front of my laptop and
I was totally depend on self-study. I began studying aptitude & reasoning from the book by R.S. Agarwal. This book is very useful. It helps a lot to get a grasp of the reasoning and quant section. and I try to solve all the questions of various websites everyday. because each website publish good content. For daily news I regularly visit online website
in order to improve my DI, I did the DI and DS chapters. If you want to clear your quantitative aptitude then you must have very good practice of DI.
For the GA part, I read the Newspaper and regularly.
For English - The Hindu and book (Lucent).
Advice -
As an advice to the students preparing for competitive exams, especially banks, I would say that their preparation should be aligned completely with the pattern of the examination. They should know what is required to be studied and how much effort is required to be made for each section according to their strength and weakness. And relying more on accuracy rather than speed is required.

Medium of Interview - Medium of my interview and GD was a mixture of both Hindi and English. SBI PO Interview was the best interview of my life. I answered all the questions in Hindi.All the best to all future aspirants. Remember that it is not a tough exam and you can do it. It's important to believe in yourself...I dont think that language makes any difference the important thing is how effectively and efficiently you present yourself in front of interviewer .