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Success Story - Shivam Kaushik - SBI PO 2014

SBI PO in one month: If I can, you can.

I started my journey towards SBI on the day I joined Career Power (Laxmi Nagar Branch) on 13th May 2014. At that point of time I knew it won't be a smooth ride and the previous years' questions confirmed it. But with rigorous hard work, self belief (remind you not self confidence because it doesn't take time to become over confidence) and a good mentor which I got in plenty at the institute, whether it is Maths, Reasoning, GA or English it can be achieved.

So on 30th of May I came to know that my exam will be on 14th of June the very first day in the one and half month long schedule. So in remaining 13-14 days I had to work like a bull in the field to reap a good fruit. I worked on two parts first on those which could help me to cross the overall cutoff (GA & English in my case) and second on those which I think I'm good at viz. Aptitude and Reasoning that'll fetch me marks to secure a place for interview.

14 June: Here was the day, my centre was in Faridabad (2 hrs from my place bt thankfully my exam was in 2nd sitting). So at the exam I first attempted Aptitude but could solve only mere 9 question in 30 minutes I got frightened for a moment but I went for Reasoning section and in next 30 minutes I could solve 20 questions and in next 30-40 minutes I solved 38 and 40 questions in English and GA sections respectively. Now I had 20-25 minutes spare so I again went back to Aptitude and could solve 12 additional question taking the toll to respectable 21 and 5 additional in Reasoning. In the descriptive section I tried to write answers more in my words. At the end of exam I solved 124/200 which I thought at first were very less as per the competition but proved wrong when I got an SMS from SBI on 28th August that I got selected for the interviews. My interview was scheduled on 16th of October. I contacted the institute if they have any interview preparation program and I got enrolled into it. The mentor himself was an ex-Air Force SBI retired gentleman. He told me some minor but very important aspects about the interview like the gesture, attire, self presentation and also the nature of questions that might be asked.

16 October: Again an important day of my life was here. My interview was at Delhi LHO at Parliament Street. Before leaving my room I took my parents' blessings over phone. Reporting time was 8:00 AM so I was there at sharp 7:45 AM. As per schedule they started our document verification at 8:00 AM and ended at 10:00 AM.
Thereafter was the Group Discussion time, a panel of five members including one lady came and sat on one end of a long conference table and we candidates were sitting on sides facing one another.
First there was introduction(all were retired GMs) and then the GD instructions first that initially each one will speak and when everyone have spoken then we will have debate where any one can cross others' point in between and second rule/facility was language which was bilingual (i.e. Hindi as well English) coming from a Hindi medium school background I had a sigh of relief. Our topic was " Are private institution solely responsible for degradation of education in India". GD continued for around 45 minutes. Thereafter we went for the interview and I was 3rd in number.

So the peon called my name and I remembered my parents and went at the door.
( Some of the questions were asked in Hindi also but I have written all in English for consistency. Pardon me for any mistake in language)
Me: May I come in sir!
Chairman: Yes sure ( I went inside and stood by the chair and when they offered me to sit then only I sat)
Lady: Please be seated
Me: Thank you all
Chairman: So Shivam you are from Jharkhand.
Me: Yes sir
Chairman: Recently Maharashtra and Haryana went for elections and in near future Jharkhand is also going to have elections. So if a delegation have been formed and you are part of it and the delegation go to the PM of India. What would be the problems you would make him aware of.
Me: Sir first and foremost requirement is the education. We have lack of higher education institutions in Jharkhand so students have to travel to distant places for better higher education and then there is very less scope of employment in Jharkhand
Chairman: So as per you unemployment is the first problem.
Me: Yes sir ( Mind you, never use words like 'YA' 'YUP' 'NOPE')
Chairman: What else???
Me: The second worst problem is Naxalism.
Chairman: How would you solve these problems. Lets take unemployment first.
Me: Sir Jharkhand have 3 large industrial hubs in Bokaro, Dhanbad and Jamshedpur. But remaing 20-21 districts are not getting much benefit from these so govt can establish, if not large scale then, small scale industries by making clusters of districts and have targeted development.
Chairman: But this govt is not willing to establish public industries how would you do that.
Me: Sir, I may ask govt to incentivise those private industrialists who establish industry in Jharkhand some kind of positive discrimination.
Chairman: Ok, how about Naxalism.
Me: Sir Naxalism can be done away with both development as well as force. A single answer is not available for this.
Chairman passed the baton to his left.
M1: So Shivam have you heard of PMJDY?
Me: Yes sir
M1: So what is the no of accounts targeted by gov't any factual data.
Me: Sir 7.5 crore accounts with a minimum of one account per household
M1: It is one account or two (trying to confuse me)
Me: Sir it is minimum one account per household only.
M1: So what is black money?
Me: Sir concealing the source of money and not paying tax on that money is called black money.
After that he asked me with examples whether this is black money or not and all.
After then he passed it to the lady
LADY: So Shivam you have a hobby of exploring places so have you heard of world heritage sites. Can you name world heritage sites in Delhi.
Me: Ma'm World heritage sites are sites declared by UNESCO as culturaly important places or monuments and in Delhi are Qutub Minar, Humayun's Tomb. ( I forgot to mention Lal Quila)
LADY: What are benefits of getting enrolled in this list
Me: Ma'm the place will get an international name which is good for tourism, foreign exchange and also economy of local area.
LADY: What about grants and aids for its renovation and maintenance.
Me: Yes ma'm that also
And then she asked me about some points that I had raised during the GD. And passed it to another fellow.
M2: So u said we need to also do developmental work in Jharkhand then only naxalism can be eradicated but what if the home minister of India says that we will use only force. Would you agree by him?
Me: Sir for certain few people you should not trouble the whole state. We can go for hold and develop strategy where we can take hold on an area by force and then do development. We cannot use only force at once for all and then go for development.
M2: But how would you convince the local/tribal people they also sometime oppose government.
Me: Sir we need to educate them that whatever development we are doing are for you only we need to show them that we are doing all these things for you. They won't support untill unless they know us.
And then the last member raised my bio data form and gently asked in his sweet Bengali accent
M3: So Shivam you have done engineering in electronics and communication and you like to travel so in which section I should ask??
I thought for a second....
Me: My hobby sir
M3: There is a very important place in Jharkhand from where some prominent Bengali authors have came from which is that place.
Me: (after thinking for 4-5 seconds) I don't know sir.
M3: It's Ghatshila, so ok Shivam nice meeting you.
Me: Thank you sir, thank you ma'm.
And I came out. I was somewhat satisfied with my performance.
     My interview lasted around 30 minutes and was over at around 12:00 PM.
And I waited and waited for the results to be declared and on night of 28th November my wait was over when I saw my roll number in the list of selected few. God's grace, my parents’ blessings, my teacher's hard work and some of my hard work as well helped me to crack this coveted competitive exam.
    Thus I prepared for written for 1 month, for interview 1 week and I know if I have done it then many more would also have done it so my friends you also can just have a belief in you and work hard and ultimately don't drift away from your aim.
    Bas itni si hai kahani. Thanks all for reading this and also bearing with this long boring(sic) story and wish you all luck for your future life.

Shivam Kaushik


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