Thursday, 1 January 2015

Interview Experience: Allahabad Bank

One of our ardent readers has sent his success story with us.
We are publishing his Interview experience here: -

Name: Amlan Majumder
Bank: Allahabad Bank
Post: Probationary officer (Bank PO)
Place: Kolkata
Panelists: 4 (three male judges and one female one)

Sir1(GM/AGM): okay Mr. Majumder, tell us something about yourself, your strength, your weakness and why should we take you ?

Me: i was surprised as i was not sure where to start and just i was about start anyway, he chipped in again..

Sir1: why do you want to enter banking sector?

Answered them again the same thing as i did beforein UCO bank PO interview.

Sir1: why are you leaving the biotech field and willing to enter the banking sector?

Me:In biotech, for fresh graduates and by a large extent, also the post grads, the scope is almost zero in our country. Those companies mostly recruits research fellows and the emoluments given by them are less than satisfactory. In the banking sector, the scope is very broad when compared to that of biotechnology, it (banking) is also considered to be the sunshine industry of country. In this field i will get to know not just about bank to bank branching but also about consultancy, other services like financial services, telephone banking, retailers, corporate banking, etc. So banking is a fast changing environment and with the advent of various technologies and products, scope for learning is much more now.

Sir1: so what was the use of doing B. Tech. and join Banking?

Me: right now, for me completing the B. Tech. degree from a premier institute like NIT Durgapur has become a scale of my ability and performance. I cleared a highly competitive exam to get there. If i can stand in that kind of a competition and earn a degree which is considered to be a respectful qualification, i believe that i can also do very well in banking.

Madam: don’t you think that you are over qualified for this job?

Me: no ma’am, I am not over qualified. I am well qualified for this job.

Hearing this answer from me they looked at each others faces for a while with a mischievious smile on each face.

Sir1: why did you left Infosys?

Me: i was a trainee in that company. In the end i was ill as i had developed some liver complications in me. So i missed some classes of that training program. As a result i was unable to clear 5 exams. I was given another chances to clear those five papers but the other classes were running in parallel. The pass percentage in each exam is 65% in Infosys but i managed to score only 58 to 60. If i had enough time would have made it through. Infosys is widely known for their excellent but intense training program. So in the end, i missed it. Hence i was unable to cope up and failed in the second chances as well. Thus i was asked to resign ‘cuz according to them i was not performing well.

Madam: which bank is considered to be the apex bank of our country?
Me: RBI.

Madam: what do you know about our bank?

Me: i told them whatever i knew about allahabad bank. Described its history briefely as i learnt through Wikipedia. Told them about the bank’s position being at 10th in the market among all the PSU banks in terms of market shares, talked about the bank’s share price and its rates of interests for each facets which the bank provides. While i was jabbering they were sometimes listening to me and watching me while going through my credentials.

Sir1: how can your knowledge in biotech help our organization?

Me: my knowledge in biotech might help your organization to decide whether to give loans to various biotech companies or in the agricultural sector.

Sir2: (he was watching me for a long time and was glancing at the GM/Agm at the center from time to time, as if he wants the permission to nail me. I was ready for him anyway..). You are a Biotech student. Can you answer some questions related to biotech??

Me: (Hell Yeah!!! Shoot it with all you want! sure sir why not!!

Sir2: what are GM crops? Give examples of GM crops in India.

Answered that correctly.

Sir2:Why are they calle BT-cotton or BT-Brinjal?

Me: BT stands for Bacillus thuringensis. Its a species of bacteria used for the genetic modification of the said crop. Gave some other explanations as well.

Sir2: whats the use of GM crops?

Answered that too.

(And the cakewalk question for me) Sir2: what are abiotic and biotic factors? And what is probiotic food?

Answered this smoothly!!!

(And then the hammer cam down on me WHAM!

Sir2: what is the difference between shares and debentures??

Me: sorry sir, i don’t know that.

Finally the third male, he was almost dozing all along he turns up and asks me the funniest question!!

Sir3: the effect that the WTO is having on the biodiversity of the planet, according to you, is it good or bad?

Me: WTO, (and i was telling myself, WTF!!!!), you mean World Trade Organization??

Sir3: yes.

Me: WTO is totally different from the issues regarding the subject of life sciences. You must be talking about the various norms set by the WTO for trading amongst the nations and the conditions for carbon emissions involved in the process by the developing countries.

Sir3: maybe...

I went on saying whatever came to my mind, yakked all the way long, as long as i could and in the end concluded that the effects are highly debatable. Nothing concrete opinion could be drawn.

Sir3: (shaking his head annoyingly and disrespectfully, in a low voice, says) being a BIO-ECONOMICS student you don’t know this thing well. (Then raising his voice to normal level,) ok thats all from my side.

Sir1: ok thats all from our side, you may leave.

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