Thursday, 1 January 2015

Interviews Experiences of CGL 2012

Hello Readers , We are posting Interview Experience of CGL again, there may be some ambiguities but we are not editing their experiences and posting them as it is. Will give you better feeling of what exactly they went through at the time of their interviews .

Vinod Yadav
My interview was in raipur at 11:30 panel consisting 4 members 2 gents and 2 ladies.I gave my interview in hindi

1st sir:he asked me that u r from english background then why r u giving interview in hindi
Me:-explained the reason

sir:- he asked me define zero
me:-I said I dont know

sir:-what is gobal hunger index and india position and whats the parameter to measure itme:-
I explained 1st 2 but didnt answer the last one
{what i answered was wrong}

sir:what is development
me:-I explained

sir:-he asked that from Naryanan statement most(75%) of our graduates are useless
me:-I gave my viwesthen came the turn of madam

M1:you are from jabalpur tell me something about jabulpur
me:-i explained

 M1:-tell me about fdi then asked about my views
me:-explainedthen chief interupped me and said that u r giving diplomatic answer and laughed then came the turn of 2nd madam

Mm:-As i am plain graduate from PCM she asked me about my subject of foundation course it is hindi and english asked me to tell about some hindi poet poems{I think she was a hindi literature professor}
me:-I simply said that i have no intertest in hindi and i did it because hindi marks are important to make good percentage

MM:-tell me about yellow revolution
me:-explained but not properly

MM:-she wrote 2-2 spellings of hindi and told me to choose the right one
me:-unfortunately i chose the wrong onethen finally came the turn of main sir it was just a conversation he only asked about me

sir:-you are from ordnance factory khamaria tell me someth about that
me:{as i m a danger building worker}I said its confidential but expalined the names of some bombs which is already mentioned in my factory website

ssir:-tell me the famous name of jabalpur
me:sanskardhanisir:-is your city fullfilling the name as it got

me:-yes and gave some examples of my new joines friends of tamil nadu and how me and my friends helped themunfortunately he had already taught in jabalpur and told me the problem of hostilers and local people and how police is getting difficulty to control them

me:- i didnt said anything then they said to leave i m expecting 45-50 marks

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