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IBPS Clerk IV Interview Expeience: Neil

Hi friends,
Neil is here. Today I want to let u know how was my interview and what it was in actually :))
Venue: BOI, noida
Panel : 11
Date : 16/02/15, 8:30am..

During verification they asked us to write 4-5 lines in Hindi, rltd to anything. I wrote abt the record that India still hold on pak, in WC :))
One of the candidate wrote : " mai roj nahata hu " :PPP

Direct interview pe aate h,
4 male, 1 female ( age u knw well :p)

Opened door (with my cute smiling face)
May I come in mam??
F- yes, come come
Wished mam gdmrng, n then sirs

M1- take ur seat ( attitude was like " ab murga aaya h " , as because I think I was first boy to b intrvwd:p)
N now war got its start :p

M1- from whr do u belong?
Me - answered

First fire-

M1- why do we select you ??
Me- sir, ( meri Shakal se apko yhi ques mila start me??:p) cz I have all qualities that a clerk must possess, like polite, punctual, friendly in nature, skills etc etc as these things are mostly looked by customer too..

M1- how??
Me- as sir, myself too whenever go to my banks branch around 9-9:30 , guard always say me to cm after 10 am, even when main gate is open, for dd they say that u must have account.what if a person don't have bank accnt??
( bahut beizzati maare jara ta mai :p) this behaviour can be change.

M1- u r talking abt the banks in ur hometown??
Me- no sir, I m talking abt my bank branch.

M1- ( like Hm bank wle kya mje maarte h bs??) Then haven't u cmplainted abt it??
Me- that's a nrml person nvr do, hence  me too nt..

M1- how can we believe that u will do, else no banker is responsible?
Me- am nt talking about whole banking industry, I have taken my bank branch as example sir, rest banking is vast n developing sector:) ( buttering :Pp)

M1- OK,10+2 from Delhi?? u done ur graduation in? When? From where? Marks?(one by one ;p)
Me - answered

M1- ur father's occupation?? Where?
Me- answered

Passed to M2( like he is too Eger to have bowling :p)
M2- fiscal policy ( as soon as he say this wrd, a smile came to me;))] who make this policy?
Me- finance miNistry..

M2- what does a finance commission do??
Me- sry sir, I m unable to explain ( as I was nt sure abt in which wordings I can explain)

M2 - OK, what u have done after grad? from WHR? About my last job.
Me- answered all.
( all was going well, run rate ws nrml , under cntrl:p)

M2- will it effect our health if a medicine is taken after 2-3 month of expiry??
Me- no sir, some contents of med. Or sm med. Can work well even after its expiry date, bt it should b approved by FDA again, n companies usually replace the cover.

M1- why every medicine has its expiry??
Me- sir all chemicals get degradation with time, that's y..( it was just like I hd hitted boundary :p)

M2- good, is there any medicine which get poisonous aftr expiry?
Me- yes sir, many r..

M2- name some of them ( this was bouncer towards me)
Me- sry sir, I m nt recalling ryt now( left ball fr wicket keeper:p)

M1- what was ur job profile? Y u did
Me - explained my job profile, n fr as because sir deg.  is must for getting promotions in pvt. Sector.. ( well played ;)]
Passed to M3
(Over change)

M3- do u have credit card?
Me- no..( berojgaar ko kaun credit card deta h?? :p)

M3- can we have cash with credit card??
Me- yes sir, a limited amount as fixed by card issuer bank can b withdrawn from through ATM. Icici bank k ATM

M3- what is core banking?
Me- a system which provide all banking activities on single counter. As example v can make deposit n make withdrawl from any branch of our bank.

M3- facilities provided by bank using core banking?
Me- ATM points.
I was unlucky to have 2 - 3 more examples at that moment:(

M3- have u seen logo of visa, rupay, master card on debit card ?? What is these al?
Me- sir these are different payment gateways..

M3- what is gateway?? They get any commisin??
Me- explained abt gateway n cmisn, by giving an example of online payment WHR on payment amount debitd from our account is a bit more from actual pay.

Now next over was offered to M4
He didn't take the ball ( u knw well y :p)
Then to mam, c too refused to take over, only smiled back.
Again as being captain of team M1 took ball:-

M1- difference between organic n inorganic chemistry?
Me- the branch of chemistry relayed to the study of carbon an its compounds is organic chemistry & the branch if chemistry in which we study about the properties n making of elements n metal/ non metal us inorganic chemistry.( favt. Shot if mine :p)

M4 interrupts
M4- diamond is a compound of??
Me - carbon , its better to call its allotrope of carbon.

M4 - but it's is mostly seen in inorganic part, then so y??
Me- sir all 3 parts if chemistry is related to each other ( smiling)

M4- any other allotrope of carbon?
Me- graphite..
Again M2- Einstein law??
( his voice ws like " upar se nikal na" :(
Didn't got his ques :(
Aftr repeating too :(
Me- sir, I don't knw..( thought like, if i didn't get ques wt can I ans :p)

Then said to M1 : u knw E= mc square
Me - yes sir yes sir ( now got wt his ques was :p)

E is energy, m is mass n c is speed of light
They smiled.
Last n wicket taker ques-

M1- what is full form of DDT ??
Me- sry sir , I m not recalling it :(

N finally they say me - u can go..
Me - thank you sirs, n mam..
Coming out of room like I had been bowled out :(

This whole was my intrvw..
Not happy..
2 of them was inaudible to me, their voice understanding fr me was very tough job:(

It went for aprx 15 mins.
They was reacting just like toh bowled out me in every moment :(

Thanks frnzzz, n shruti mam:)

P.s. - bindaas jao, batting kro, shot maaro, bouncer ko pull toh kya touch b mt krna :)
Be original, answer only if u knw well, try to cover all member of panel in ur sight while answering any ques ;)
All the best:))

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