Monday, 16 February 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience: Amit

Name: Amit
Centre: Uco bank building, bhubaneswar, Odisha.
Date: 13/02/2015
Time: 1pm
Category: OBC

Thank you BA for the support.
It was my first interview. I was a little bit nervous. I arrived at the centre at 12.15 pm. At 12.45pm they let us go in. There were 25 candidates in a batch. At the time of documents verification they gave us a sheet of paper to which a printed sheet was attached. My sheet contained a paragraph about Jayaprakash Narayan. It was in odia (regional language). After documents verification they sent us in batches to the 4th floor. My serial number was 10. My turn came at 3.35pm. I entered the room.

There was an oval shaped table. I asked may I come in sir. But madam was sitting close to the door.
There were 4 male members and 1 female member in the panel.

M1: yes, come in, come in.
Me: good morning, madam (mistake)
Soon I realised. And after a second of pause I said good afternoon sirs.(I got more nervous because I made a mistake at the entry)

M1:( made me comfortable) Said yes yes, good afternoon, good afternoon... Please come and take your seat and make yourself comfortable.
Me: thank you, sir. Sat down.

M1: are you comfortable now? Shall we proceed?
Me: yes sir.

M1: say something about yourself.
Me: sir, my name is xxx, I am a science graduate with physics honours from xxx college. My father is a govt servant in xxx department. I am from xxx. And my hobby is photography.

M1: photography?
Me: yes sir

M1: do you have an SLR camera?
Me: yes sir, DSLR camera.

M1: Ok, which type of photography do you prefer?
Me: sir specially I like to take photos of birds.

M1: let a bird is seating on a branch. Sun is at its back. You cannot go to the other side. What will you do?
Me: explained.

M1: What aperture will you set?
Me: answered.

F1: again asked. You have a camera? (don't know why)
Me: yes madam

M1: what was your subject?
Me: sir physics.
He indicated M3.

M3: now a days there is a huge importance of satellites. What is geostationary satellite?
While explaining I was interrupted how it works?
Me: explained.
He complemented me also.
I nodded.

M3: what is the use of these geostationary satellites?
Me: explained. He again complemented me.
Now he passed again to M1.

M1: have you studied about banking? Shall we ask?
Me: yes sir.

M1: if you don't know, don't worry. When you will come to banks you will automatically know. I smiled back.

M1: what are the functions of rbi?
Me: explained.

M1: you left something. Foreign exchange.
Me: yes sir, explained.

M1: if liquidity increases, what will RBI do to reduce liquidity.
Me: explained. While explaining he asked open market operations?
I explained.

M1:  thank you, very good. What is priority sector lending?
Me: explained.
He looked at his board members. And said ok you may go now.
I said thank you stood up.
Again he said very good, well done. Have you appeared po exam?
Me: yes sir, but I have secured 77. While the cut off for obc was 80.

M1: ok, prepare yourself for po.
Me: ok sir, thank you. Thank you madam, and left.

The whole conversation was in my regional language and a few english sentences were also there. I don't know how was my facial expression. But my forehead was sweating during the interview.

Whatever may be the result but I enjoyed it. Good luck all of you.
Thank you.

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