Monday, 16 February 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience: Anand

Name : Anand
Date   :14/02/2015
Time   : 1:00 PM
Panel : 8
Venue : Dena Laxmi Bhavan, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad
Background: M.Sc.IT

Reached venue at 12:50 PM. I see most of the candidates are in queue for entry. At 1:00 pm they allowed for entry as my panel is 8 and it would be on 4th floor so one person guide as how to reach 4th floor and he took us in elevator. Now on that floor there are 4 different panels. They give instructions and we are sitting for document verification for respected panel. Document verification is done by 3:45PM. And after that I am waiting for my turn to interview.

Now mystery begins…

Opened the door and greets them all.There are 5 members. M1, M2, M3, M4, F.

M1: your introduction.
Me: told.

M1: in which branch your sister pursuing B.Tech? (I mention about my sis in intro.)
Me: told.

M1: tell me your 2 strength and 1 weak point.
Me: tell him 1 weak point and told 1 strength.

I mention that I would like to respect to customers those are visit bank and ….so on…and blaaabla….

M1: if a very poor lady coming to you and said I have marriage of my daughter and I have no money for that and told you to give load than what should you do either you give her loan or not?
Me: sir, first I take advice from my senior officer. On the spot...

M1(once again): if officer said that do whatever you want than ..?
Me: sir I don’t know….

M1 passes to M2.
M2: if any customer wants to make a complain than whom he/she did?
Me: sir chairman of the respected bank...

M2: if they not listen than?
Me: sir than RBI.

M2: if RBI not listen then?
Me: sir than customer can go for consumer forum.

M2 passes M3.
M3: so you done IT tell me how you will sell the website?
Me: told.

M3: agar koi website to launch karni ho to?
Me: told that it will take process of domain registration and server space and blaaabla..

M3: have you design any site?
Me: sir, jab main last year ki training main tha to as a project create ki thi… and told about that.

Now M3 passes to F.

F: So, Mr. anand you are from Rajkot. If you are being posted to somewhere in kutch than you join?
Me: definitely mam.

F: if an illiterate lady come to you and she have no id proof than you open account or not?
Me: first said that no mam.. than

F(again): uske pass koi id-proof (highlight) nahi hain.
Me: suddenly remembered and told that yes mam.. I can open small account, and told something about that.

 F (with smiling face..Impressed from my last answer): So Mr. Anand you write about Swachh Bharat Abhiyan(as I wirte at document verification time). If you visit some bank branch in rural area and suppose so many garbage things around you than what will you do?
Me: first mam I will take these things and put it on dustbin and after that I meet branch manager and discuss about that and advise him to put some banner outside the bank.

 F: ok which are the software used in bank?
Me: Answered very quickly.(impressed from my ans.)

 F passes to M4.
There are no questions from M4.

And all are said ok it’s done and wish me good luck for results and I thanked all and leave from interview hall.

My interview time is almost 10 min.

Language is no bar here. My entire interview was in religion language (Gujarati). So guys please tell them the truth what you know just it. Nothing to worry.

Now figures crossed let’s see what happns..))

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