Monday, 16 February 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience: Jothi

Name : Jothi
Center : IOB , Madurai ( Tamil Nadu)
Date : 14-Feb-15
Time : 01.00 PM
Panel : Panel 3

I reached the venue at 12.30 . They call us to hall for certificate verification.  I was 16 th in the list. After certificate verification my turn for interview came…

There were 5 members in the panel .. 4 male and 1 female.. I entered in the room and wished good evening… They said “ good evening come and sit “

M1 : You are  Jothi right ? ( Nenga thane jothi)
Me : Yes Sir.. ( ama sir)

M2 : Is there any reason behind your name ? ( unga name ku ethum karanam iruka.. yen antha name vechanga?)
Me : yes sir. That is my cousin name. She is no more. That’s y my parents suggest that name ..

M1 : Ok good . Wat is the meaning of your name ? (Unga peyaroda artham ena ma)
Me : Jothi means light sir.

M2 : Ok jothi tell about yourself ( Ungala pathi sollunga jothi)
Me :  Answered …

M3 : So you are the elder daughter in your family.. You need to take care of themselves right? Mm good.. then y u are selected banking field .. many other good salary jobs are there….
Me : Banking is a growing sector as well as it is best suitable sector girls I think…. Im sorry if I wrong…. (M1,M2,M3 smiled)

F1: Absolutely it is a security sector for girls…
M4: U r a ncc cadet … good who is your inspiration and welwisher in ncc.
Me : Answered.

M3: Do you know swimming? Tell me about types of swimming..
Me : I forgot types.. I know swimming sir.

M4: Tell me about ncc camp experience .
Me : Answered

M3 : What is banking ombudsman ?
Me : Explained

M1: Wat is AML?
Me : Anti money Laundering .. Illegal …( M2 interrupted me stop. It is enough.. We need that word.. Good jothi)

M2 : ur father is a weaver( Handloom weaver) .. do u know weaving and explain about weaving
Me : Explained

M3 : Wat is ur attempts in clerk?
Me : Sir 138

M1: It is enough to clear the exam huh?
Me : I gave 100 % accuracy sir ( M3 interrupted and said good jothi )

M2: Ok If you are not selected wat u will do ?
Me : surely u will meet me as a bank employee ( Sorry sir … I have that guts)

F1 : Nice…
M1 : They asked me to read a tamil newspaper and write one word from that.
M3 : K all the best… ( M3 and M4  talked each other about me she is a bold girl . Surely she will get selected.)

M4 : Ok you can leave now…
Me : thank you sirs and thank you mam..

Overall interview was nice… I was enjoyed thoroughly. Panel members were good and they treated me like a friend.. It was a nice experience.. I thanks for bankersadda because of this only I got cleared written and I did well in my interview.. Special thanks to shruti mam and neeraj sir……. Thaks friends…

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