Monday, 16 February 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience: Manu

Hi Friends, I gave my interview for IBPS Clerk IV.

Name: Manu
Date: 09.02.2015
Venue: IOB Head Office, Chennai

I reached my venue at 12pm and they called us at 12.10PM. They gave a piece of paper and asked me to write about some topic in tamil. I never studied tamil in my school days, i studied hindi. Since my mother tongue is TAMIL, i can read tamil well. I asked my dad to write about myself before 10 days. He wrote and gave it to me. Daily i used to practise it twice. So, it was helpful for me today.. I wrote about myself in the piece of paper which was given to me.

This also served me a help that, they didnt ask me to introduce about myself. At 3.30pm they called me for Interview.

Wished them all.. 3 Male, 1 Female

First they asked me to read a tamil newspaper article. I read it without any error.. Since they know about me, by reading from the piece of paper.

M1: Next question was, Why did you quit IT job.
Me: told them the reason
M1: What is no frill account?
Me: Told
M1: what is PMJDY?
Me: told clearly..

F: What is overdraft?
Me: Explained
F: Do Savings account has Overdraft facility?
Me: I told about PMJDY scheme

Then they discussed within them about this. Said Good.. :)

M2: What is RRB?
M2: Who controls them?
Me: Clearly mentioned
M2: Name few RRB banks in Tamil nadu and their sponser bank banks
Me: Named 2 but donot know their sponser banks.. They didnt take it so serious.

M3: What is the Head quatres of Western railway?
Me: Told
M3: Asked about my dad profession In English.
Me: Replied them in English. Rest of the above questions were in Tamil.

Interview Over... I was very happy and thanked them and came out.. Just 10 Min interview, i felt like a small talk.. hope for a good result.. :):)