Monday, 16 February 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience: Raj Theja



I've been called for interview on 09/02/2015 in the afternoon session at 1pm. I was the 3rd person called to be interviewed in panel II.

They gave us a white sheet and told us to write any thing in TELUGU in 10 to 12 lines and they said it shouldn't be like a biodata form. After that they attached this paper with certificates at the time of certificate verification. After certificate verification, I was called to wait in front of the interview room at 2:45pm & my turn came at 3pm.

I entered the interview room by asking "May I come in sir?" and when they prompted me to come in,I entered with a big smile.

There were 4 members in the interview panel,3 gentlemen and a lady.

I greeted them "Good morning Sir!" n "Good morning Madam!" although it was afternoon.No matter how many times I told myself to wish them Good Afternoon,Good morning came out of my mouth like a reflex action.

After the greeting,they told me to sit down,I sat,and they started asking me questions

Gent3: So,Mr.Raj theja,in which year have you completed your degree?

Me: Sir,My degree course is complete in the year 2011.

Gent3: What have you done between 2011 till date?
Me: Sir,I wrote TOEFL n PGCET in the year 2013.But when I came to know that my dad is going to retire in the year 2014,I cancelled my plans to go abroad and to decided to prepare for bank exams as I didn't want to burden my dad.

Gent1: After retirement,Your dad still gets pension.Then what is the problem for you to go abroad? I find your reason Ingenuine.
Me: Sir,I came to know through a friend of mine whose brother studied in the United Kingdom that he paid educational loan debt after returning back home for a period longer than 2yrs from his salary.Moreover,I wanted to settle here        for being close to my family,that's another reason.

Gent1: Yes,You are right.I have heard about students not able to devote themselves completely for studying too.They join in part time jobs to cover their expenses.Studying abroad is expensive.What is your degree?
Me: B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering Sir.

Gent3: What else have you done in the past years?Did you try for any software jobs?
Me: No sir,I didn't. But I wrote GATE exam in the year 2012,got 21 marks n disqualified with a difference of 0.03.I went through a stage of depression after the result.

Gent3: Where did your father work?
Me: Sir,my father worked as clerk in canara bank's branch in Guntur and retired in the same branch.

Gent1: Is there any interview you attended before?
Me: Yes sir,I attended IBPS PO interview here in this very room.

Gent3: Have you seen anyone of us in the your interview panel?
Me: Yes sir,you were there,turning my head swiftly at Gent1,I said you were there also.Both of them smiled.

Gent3: How did you perform in that interview?
Me: I think I performed alright sir.I gave frank answers to the best of my knowledge and I skipped answering questions to which I didn't know the answers.

Gent1: What's your score in IBPS PO?
Me:I scored 70 sir.

Gent1: So,you have qualified with minimum cut off marks?
Me: Yes,sir.

Lady: So,have you prepared well for this interview?
Me: Yes Madam,I think I prepared well.

Gent1: what is Puttamraju kandriga?
Me: Sir,it's a village adopted by Sachin Tendulkar.

Gent1: Under which scheme?
Me: Under Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojna sir.

Gent1: What is hud hud?
Me: Hud hud is a fast flying bird found in Israel Sir.The cyclone that caused devastation in Visakhapatnam was named after this bird.

Gent3: Do you know what the next cyclone will probably be named after?
Me: Gave a dazed and confused look.

Gent3: You seem confused.There is an international organization that names cyclones before they come into play.
Me: If that's the case,then I do not know the answer sir.

Lady: Tell us something about banking?

Lady: Functions of banks?
Me: Answered

Lady: What is plastic money?
Me: The money present in credit card accounts and debit card accounts

Lady: Difference between credit card and debit card?
Me: Madam,I do not know the exact answer.But what I know is that we have to credit money in credit cards for use,and that debit card is linked to the savings account.
Lady: Do you have to maintain an account for credit card?
Me: I don't know madam

Lady: Your father is a bank employee and you do not know?
Me: Madam,I have started using debit card since 2011.My dad on the other hand,doesn't hold a credit card or a debit card,he doesn't use mobile banking,and He always discourages me not to make online payments.(I was laughing out loud while saying this)

Gent2: You have studied computer science and engineering,right?why don't you tell him how safe it is to make online payments,to make him use latest payment systems?
Me: I told him several times sir,but he's afraid.("due to card frauds?").yes,sir.He follows old is gold morale.

Gent3: What is a negotiable instrument?
Me: An instrument of payment that can be transferred to others,sir.

Gent3: What are the negotiable instruments you know of?
Me:A cheque,a Demand draft and hmmm,,,,that's it sir.

Gent3: Ok.How do you transfer a cheque to payee?
Me: I'm guessing that it can be transferred by a telegraph....
Gent3: Oh,tell us everything.Telegraph,FAX,post...
Me: "Frankly,I don't know sir"-laughing.

Gent3: If you have to pass a cheque related to a customer's current account,what  are the observations you will make?
Me: I will see the name of the payer n the payee.Check the balance in the payer's account to prevent bouncing of cheque,the signature of the payer,the MICR code.

Gent3: smiling-"Do you have anything to do with MICR?"
Me: smiling-I'm sorry sir.That's the work of the clearing house.I don't remember the security standard.

 The Lady was expecting an answer.Gent3 said "madam,let's set him free.He will learn everything after joining in his job".
Gent2 said "Ok.You can go now."

I thanked them all before leaving and I came out of the room very happy.My dad was giving a look while I was walking towards him doubting if I had endured any torture.The first thing he told me was that I came out of the interview room 20minutes after I walked in.That was surprising to me.The interview was a jovial experience. Gent2 was the only person who spoke to me twice and in all the remaining time he sat very calm,looking at me very rarely.
Thank you.

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