Monday, 16 February 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience: T V Kishore

I would like to share my interview experience with all BA readers and thank you Bankera adda for providing a gr8 flatform for us

Here is my IBPS IV CLERK INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE 1st day but not 1st show..i mean it was at 1 PM in Bangalore, Corporation staff training center...It went like a 100 mt race..only around 5-6 min

They allowed us at 12:30pm for same time they given a white paper to all of us to write a paragraph in kannada. They gave us 3 topics out of those we have to select one.
I have selected " My favourite Cricket player" topic.
By 2 :00 verification completed,but they panel called me at 4:30 PM.

M4: so you know Kannada how to write and read also?.
me: yes madam, as my mother's native is KK i know kannada from my childhood itself..
M4: good, will u read a paragraph for us (giving news paper to me)
Me:i read it, with little bit mistakes.
M3:you have to improve it.
me : sure sir,

M1: every one likes Sachin, why you fav player is UV?
me:Sachin is god father of cricket...but UV is good in evry aspect like batting, bowling,fielding,even captainship also...

M2: don't you have placements in your clz??
me: Were there..sir but i don't have interest in IT,that's why i didn't attempted..

M2: than why did you joined in
me: sir, in my +2  i was curious to know about Engg physics that's y joined.

M1: Do you know about SHG? what is it?
me: explained,but not much clearly

M4: What is GO GREEN,have you heard about it
me : explained.
M4: good..

M2: apart from interests from where banks will get large incomes??
Me : Being intermediates b/w customers and company accepting/paying bills.
M2: it is very less ri8?? tell me any other
Me Seeling insurance policies...
M2: Yes good,any other?
me: Investing in mutual funds?/
M2: mutual funds??  are you sure??
i was thinking...

M4: who is the CM of TAMILNADU?
me : Said spontaneously...
M4: oh...very active....

M2: Asked a question about finance which is first time i am listening
Me: Sorry sir i don't know.

M1: Do you know about inflation? than tell me who effected by it most?
Me : here i committed  mistake..i said banks..
M1: banks???
Me:started thinking...

M4 : k tell me from which coaching centre form you are?
Me: i have prepared in my home itself,i didn't took any coaching.

M2: tell me who is rbi governor and depty governors?
Me : listed correctly.

M3: k Kishore All the best,take chocolates and have a nice day
Me : Thank you every one sirs and madam.have a good day to u..

My suggestions:The 1st thing is be confident and with a smiley face it covers 30% of ur interview correctly, If you have applied for any other states be ready for reading and writing,they are asking this for everyone, Don't try to exaggerating your self , they will shoot at correct points... All the best.


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