Monday, 16 February 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience: Saranya

Name: saranya
Venue: IOB Regional office Coimbatore
Date: 9/02/15
Time: 8.30

I reached the venue nearly 8.20 but the officials were fasters than us as they all started the process .When i entered the hall already 15 candidates were sitting. I excused and took my seat. Then after 8.30 they made us to sit according to order so i was 10th candidate. Certificate verification started. The official who was veryfying our certificates was motivating us and made us to relax  by his talks,even after completing verification he asked us to have refreshment and he was waiting for us, he took us to the place were we had to attend interveiw.There we were provided a sheet in which we were supposed to write a paragraph on the local language about the topic(they asked us to select one topic from 10).

After that we were waiting in front of the interview room. Time was moving ike nothing. They were taking 15 mins for each candidate.But after completing all the candidates told about the questions asked to them. Mostly it was lik basic banking questions and also basics from our streams. I am IT graduate so i was also expecting some basics from IT. Now my turn came.

I entered the room

Me: May I come in please.
panel members all thogether :yeah come in.
After entering i was about to wish them but before that

M1: Hello ms.saranya How are u?
I was little bit shocked
ME: Fine sir.
Then i wished them. Panel members were M1 F1 M2 M3 M4.
 Next was M3 to M5 she have opted canara bank as her preference. Because M5 was a canara bank official he smiled at me.
I was totaly blank didn expect this so soon.

M3 asked me to sit.
M4: whats the reason for choosing canara but before me answering M3 she is from nilgiris thats y she have opted canara.
Again tat was a shock.
Then they started dicusing about my native.

M4 looked at me: I told sir in my locality canara bank has many branchs thats y. M5 told yeah she is correct.

M4: What is ur fathers profesion.
M3:So u are from nilgiris where did u do ur schooling and higher studies.
Me; explained

M3: whats ur aim in life.
Me: explained he was happy and told very good

M3: OK saranya tell me what do u want to do to our nation as a banker.
ME:explianed but started cross questioning as i told them that i would like to support weaker section more by this job. he asked abt the pms new scheme on finnacial inclusion.
Me:I explained but left some points which they were expecting.

M2 M4 M5:Questions about my native. abt economy speciality and asked abt the factories that owned by govt. Again abt the IAS officer previous IAS officer Now where the official works. I was little bit confused but managed.

F1:  Asked abt my second language in school then asked me to read newspaper.
Questions more over were general for me compared to other candidates. It was like any interactive section.
Am not satisfied but having little hope. All the best candidates.

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