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IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience: Pallavi

Hello BA readers, This is Pallavi…You can do it(pal) sharing the interview experience.
State/UT applied for - New Delhi
Date - 16/02/2015
Panel--- III
Reporting time - 08.30 A.M.
Venue - Bank Of India Staff Training College Sandipani; Sector-62;
NOIDA Distt.;GautamBudh Nagar-UP

I reached the venue at sharp 8.30 and entry was already going on. They were asking to sign attendance sheet at the main gate. Then the candidates were guided to lecture room 2 with all panel candidates were gathered.

Then, officials guided us to respective document verification rooms. My turn came at 10:00 am for verification of documents. There candidates were asked to write minimum 2-3 lines in HINDI. I wrote on PRE-2005 banknotes.

Though, I was at 14th in panel list but my turn came at around 12:26 pm.
Now here, real match started for me.

My entire interview was gone in local language.And,It rotated around my family members, educational qualification, gap, previous attempts and all. NO current affairs, no subject questions, No hobbies…nothing.

There were 5 members in the panel. M1 M2 F1 M3 M4 .
All were 45-50 + in age except M2 who was may be in his 30s.
After wishing them all GOOD AFTERNOON, they asked to have a seat.
F1: very first question came from her. NERVOUS??
Me: I replied “NO” Mam, I’m perfectly fine.

M1: from where you came?
Me: replied.

F2: Do you have any family member or relative in bank????....(rather than this I was expectingquestion, TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF)
Me: yes, my Mama (Maternal uncle)and brother works in bank.

F1: where???? In which branch???
Me: replied. Mama..(one in OBC bank & other in Union bank of india) and Brother(HDFC bank) and all.

M1: Again,abtfamily members what your mother & father do??
Me: replied.

M1: How many siblings you have??
Me: replied. (One brother With profession as earlier told).

F1: So on what basis you made these bank’s preferences(all New Delhi based banks in top 5 )???
Me: I answered on the basis of bank headquarter. So that I can serve for longer period of time in all situations (transfers, promotion and all)
All satisfied with what I answered.
(I think…This question was raised because I have marked Oriental Bank of commerce and union bank of India as 1st and 4th preference respectively and they thought my Mama suggested me to do that.)

M4 :(silent observer….He didn’t ask a single question.)
F1: continues, why you want to join bank…kya Mama ney bola yabhainey suggest kiya.??? (Did they ask you to go for banks?)
Me: I replied. NO, it’s my dream to join govt bank and all(family members) have just supported me in my decision.
Further, I replied…I have a interest in core banking and want to learn banking activities in practical manner. Moreover, I want to help others who either don’t have knowledge about products provided by banks or if have but hesitate to avail them.With giving examples of debit card transactions and cash withdrawal through counter instead of others means available.

M3: (He was busy in reviewing my documents…so No question was asked so far by him.)
M2: what are the products provided by bank?
Me: replied…answered abt deposits facility, loans and electronic fund transfer (NEFT, RTGS) and plastic money---debit cards and credit cards. (here, no detail question was asked from me.)

M1: again, you talked abt debit cards and credit cards….what is the difference b/w them??
Me: replied.

M2: IN which bank you have account?
Me: replied

M2:  so you must have a Debit card?? Do you use it???
Me: yes, sir for online payments, bills payments, if any and for small recharges.

M2: have you ever used debit card at outlets??
Me: (suddenly very funny answer came from my side….and all members started laughing including me .)
Replied..NO sir, abhi personal income hi nahinhain…aur account mein balance bhiitnanahinhotaki outlets par use kiyajaye..

Till that time M3 got freed from his analysis….and here all questions were asked by him related to my educational gap.

M3: so, you have completed your PGDM in 2011…so what were you doing so far??
Me: sir, I have been preparing for these bank exams.

M3: this is your 3rd attempt right??
Me: NO sir, 4th attempt…in my last three attempted I cleared my all clerical exams—and even cleared my last two interviews too but unfortunately, I missed in final cut off with closed margins…In last attempt I missed by 0.6% marks.
(Here, all gave me a sad look.)

F1: very next question from her, don’t you get frustrated after so many failures???
Me: I said NO mam, it didn’t frustrated me.

F1: but still you must have felt bad??
Me: I was like….yes mam sab kobhuralagtahain.

M2: so still you are trying these exams.??
Me: I replied sir, my major strength is my positive attitude to look things differently and I always try to takesomething  positivefrom them that motivates me to move on.

M2: so what thing you got here that motivated you to continue?
Me: I said….sir for me money never be a motivating factor and here my interest of work motivated me to move on and other factors like govt service, work timings and all…that can help me in many ways to serve for longer period of time in banking.
(that time I was able to think best of that only…..)

M3: did you gave any other exams?
Me: NO sir, as I already mentioned earlier ….it’s my dream to be here…so I was working for it.

M3: still you didn’t apply anywhere in these 4 years??
Me: NO sir, I have tried for other jobs too but due to their odd timings, parents didn’t allow me to join.

Here, all look at each other and wished me good luck for this time…and told me ok.!!you may go now…

That’s all I gone through…let’s see what will be in my fate this time..!! Fingers crossed.. :)
 All the best !!!

Tomorrow will be the last interview day NOIDA CENTER….so whosoever yet to appear ALL THE BEST!!! Once again.

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