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IBPS Clerk IV Interview experience: Pramod Jain

Hello friends I am Pramod I would like to pay thanx to Bankersadda and all of you for helping me in my exam and interview.
 my Interview was  near about 15 min

Name:- Pramod Jain
Place:  Bank of Maharashtra Pune (Maharashtra)
Date: 13 feb 2015
Time: 1 PM

I reached there around 12:30pm. They gave me 1 blank sheet in that I Wrote Pandharpur Wari In Marathi language.  Document verification started at 1:15 pm my turn was 10th. They were
checking all documents very carefully .They disqualified 8  candidates bec of National  OBC Certificate so Iam second person with complete documents. Panel waiting for candidates only .

After that I went  for interview  . There were 5 members in my panel , 1 lady and 4 gents. I greet all of them .

M1 : when u pass out?

Me:  sir in 2012

M1: u have work experience
Me:  Yes sir, As Lecturer in Polytechnic college for 1.5 yrs

M1: How much salory

Me: sir,10000 rupees per month

M1:  have U satisfied with that.

Me:  No sir

M1: As u are the Engineer then why u don’t go to in your core area.why do u want  to join bank  as a clerk.

Me : Sir my Father was in Maharashtra  Gramin Bank For 30 yrs .I also want to be career in Banking sector.This is my opportunity to get career in banking sector & now a days banking sector is growing very fast .What ever I hv  my engg knowedge that I can esily apply for growth of banking.

M1: U hv done job near the ur  home town .but in banking u have to serve  all over Maharashtra.

Me: Sir Iam reay for Not only Maharashtra but also All over the India .

M1: oh………good

M1: do have Account , Which bank?

Me: Yes sir ,Maharashtra grameen bank.

M1:Which type of acc

Me: sir Saving acc

M1: Which facilties bank has providing u?

Me: I told every thing

M1:Tell me what is mean by disc mirring

Me:Sory sir

M1:what is cloud computing ?

Me : sory sir iam not recall righ now.

M1:Tell me diff bet Mainframe computer & PC

Me: I replied

M2: Which Cast has added as a Minority in central level  recently

Me :Sir, Jain

M2: what do u mean by Non cremylayer & cremy layer

Me: I replied

M3:What is Repo rate & Reverse repo rate

Me : I replied

M3:what happed if the reduced repo rate

Me: I replied

M4 (mam):  U are from jain cast

Me: yes mam

M4 : what is mean by Tirthnkar

Me:I  replied

M4: how many Tirthnkar are there

Me: 24

M4: name of the last Tirthnkar.

Me: I replied

M4:where are the Jain temples?

Me: I replied

M4: Tell me pune jain temple

Me: I replied

M4:how long u live in pune? For what purpose

Me: last 1 yr for banking preparation only

M4: U r doing fasting

Me: No mam but my Parents are doing fasting.

M4:  whetherJain religious did the Dinner Before 6 pm?

Me: Yes mam

M5:Can you tell me reson why Jain religious did the Dinner Before 6 pm?

Me: I replied   all they are smile……………..

M2: Tell me the Fundamentals of rights

Me: I replied

M5:  tell me the about Current  Account.

Me:  I replied in brief.

Overall interview was good. All members was very cooperative .  now I am hoping for positive result because I replied all questions confidently. So in the end I would like to say thanks to bankersadda and all of you. 

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