Monday, 16 February 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience: Rajani Solanki

Hello Friends, I am here to share me interview experience. Before getting started I would heartily like to thank team BA for providing such a platform and off course all of you friends who were here for me, who have posted their experiences.

Venue- Indore
Panel- II
Time- 8:30 am

I reached the venue at 8:15 am. It was in a mall. But as it was early in the morning and it hasn’t opened yet, it was a horrible feeling to be there. Anyways I went to fourth floor as mentioned in the call letter. There were many candidates, mostly with their parents. I was alone(my father says- bdi ho gyi ho ab to).

First we entered a room where we asked to arrange all the photocopies in a particular sequence and sign on them. We are also provided with a blank sheet and told to write a paragraph in local language(Hindi).  After trying to think a lot,I ended on PMJDY (later realized this was the hot topic for a writeup;-P).

Then went to verification room.I was very tensed because I was not having caste certificate of IBPS format. But it doesn’t matter. The lady was very cooperative. She just advised me to make it as early as possible. After verification(saans me saans aayi)  I have to sit in front of panel II room.
There were four more girls waiting.After formal intro. We start discussing some topics.(the peon continually giving as weird look,even me are not making any noisies.:-P).

I started feeling much more comfortable now.Then after 10 mins my name was called.
I stood up at the gate,prayed to GOD.Entered the room.

I felt positive energy there. 5 sir and 1 mam was there (all of them were above middle age).Wished every one good morning and they offered me a seat.
As I was taking my seat….

M1- So your name is Rajani? What does that mean.
Me- It means ‘raatri’,’raat’ sir.( I was lyk-hey let me sit first.:-P)

M2- who gave you this name?
Me - My father sir.

Mam-  Acha papa ki laadli ho?
Me- Yes mam.(Smiling)

Mam- That’s good, now introduce urself.
Me- Replied.

M2- Do you really need a job? All members are working in your family. Mother is govt. employee, father is working, brother doing CA. aapko to jarurat hi nhi hai job ki.(laughs)
Me- Replied camly

M2- What you cook good.( as I mentioned cooking and reading are my hobbies)
Me- Sir,Paneer

M3- Paneer with?
Me- Sir all type of.Kaju paneer,matar paneer…( sounds lyk waiter:-P)

Mam- You should have bring something for us.(all laughed)
Me- jst smiled.

M1- So,You have done your graduation in commerce?
Me- Yes sir.

M3- Which college?
Me- Replied

M1- So you must know the golden rules of accounting.
Me- Replied( Even a 11th stnd student will kw;-p)

M4- What else subjects do you read?Economics?
Me- Yes sir.

M4- Tell me about law of mariginal utility with an example.
Me- Answered.( he seems quite satisfied with the context of my example,he related it to consumption of PANEER..:-D)

M2- Can you explain demand and supply.
Me- Explained again with example.

M5- What type of books you like to read.( he was just watching me upto now)
Me- I told them, I like novles.Took name of some great books and renowned authors.When I said Jhumpa laheri,all were impressed
I also said I like poems and love to visit mushayraas.( took name of some all time shayars),also like kumar vishwas.

Mam- Wo AAP wala?
Me- Yes mam
Mam- To kya news hai delhi ki? ( delhi election results were about to come that day)
Me- told them the status of counting,when I leave my house in the morning.

Mam- ok, then do tell us the final result.:-D
Me- Sure,Mam.

Then they said ok you can you.Best of luck from our side.I thanked them,wished them good day.and left the room.

I left with a big smile that remains for a long time.As it was the best interview I had.Not a single question left unanswered.

Guys,those people were great.It doesn’t really feel like an interview if you just keep calm and smile.Enjoy the movement.Thats all from my side.Hope it will help you.

(they also asked me,which institiute did I join for preparation and fees also..:-P)