Monday, 16 February 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience: Nitin Kale

Hello guys! I am Nitin Kale, a silent reader at BA, want to share my  interview experience of IBPS- Clerks IV held at Bank Of Maharashtra Staff Training College, Pune (MH)
Time- 01:00 pm
Qualification- B.Tech (Food Technology)

Reached the venue at 12:00 pm and saw people discussing some banking stuff and I felt like I am the person just landed on planet earth. I thought to leave from there and stay alone for some time :D
at sharp 1:00 pm the let us enter the premises.  They gave us our numbers and I was second last in my panel, Panel no. VII. They gave us a blank A4 sheet and asked us to write anything in Marathi, regional language. I wrote about my first journey to Pune, in  a very friendly manner as if I am talking with my best friend. :D  arranged the documents and sat comfortably. Meanwhile a girl came and asked me to help her writing something in Marathi, I shouldn't have wrote but trust me, the girl was so beautiful that I couldn't say No. ;)

They verified documents and told me to wait for your turn. as I was second last, my turn came at around 05:45 pm. I entered the room asking permission and they granted. Because of nervousness, I forgot to wish them evening, then the Mam in panel wished me evening just to comfort me at some extent. Then I wished all.

There were 5 members,
4 Gentlemen and one Lady.

M1: Tell us something about you, your family background.
Nitin- Replied

M2: So, Nitin, you are B.Tech in Food Technology, is it Processing of
Food only or anything else?
Me- yes sir, it Food processing as well as its analysis, its  equipments, machinaries too.

M2: okay, tell us What is analysis?

M2: and Quality?
Me: degree of excellence

M2: How will you analyse a orange juice in front of me?
Me- answered

M3: And added preservatives in Food are harmful for human or not?
Me-replied. At last he asked me somthing, I couldnt get him and told honestly that i did not understand. then he asked others to ask.

M3: ( a little younger than others) tell me, Who is DM of your  District,( as i said one of sisters is Clerk in collector office)
Me- answered.

M3:How your Food Technology will be helpful for us?
Me- I have studied a bit in our 6th sem about Banks, moreover, in UG i came to know about how to handle people, so it might help in banks.

M3: What all things will you consider while giving a loan to a person planning to start his own Hotel?
Me- answered and (he was satisfied)

M4: What are RRBs?
Me- answered

M4- Why is there a need of RRBs?
Me- answered.

Lady: asked me about my fathers profession
Me- answered all questions.

M5: who is MP, MLA of Jalna( My home district)
Me- told him MP but didnt tell him MLA just to show him my honesty that I accept if i dony know anything :p

M1 again started laughing because of the Marathi writing thing and we had a funny discussion then onwards for about 2-3 mins.

They wished me Luck and I thanked them, got out of the hall. with a natural smile on my face :)
For me, Whole interview was in English.

Thank you, Bankersadda, the reason behind that smile was you :)

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