Monday, 16 February 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience: Sumanth

Hello friends this is Sumanth,attended interview at Vijayawada andhra bank zonal office. Totally it was a perfect one. Very cool panel members. Everyone are above 60yrs except the female.
there are 1female and 4males in panel.

Me: may I get in sir.
Panel(all together) : yes get in
Me: wished everyone
They dint offer me seat so I just asked can I have my seat sir?

M1: yeah take ur seat
Me: thank you sir

M1: so u r sumanth right?
Me: yes sir

M1: tell me about yourself.
Me: sir, l'm from Kodad,I completed my BTech from jntuh with 75% and intermediate from sri Venkateswara clg with 79.5% and schooling from city Central with 81% my hobbies are short film making... My strengths are easily adaptable nature and quick learning weakness is I'm more talkitive and I said I'm trying to overcome it.(they all laughed when I said my weakness and they started being jovial)

M2: can u tell me about ur family.
Me: I said my father is also a bank employee and he served for apgvb and sbi for more than 35years(as it is already 1'o clock they are ready to go for lunch bt when I said that my father is a bank employee then they saw me somewhat suprisingly and got some sort of energy and asked some questions related to apgvb)

M3: where is the hq of apgvb bank?
Me: Warangal sir

M3: how many branches are the totally?
Me: I'm sorry sir I don't know the answer.

M1: what is apgvb's main objective?
Me: I said giving loans for agriculture sector

M1: yeah but tell me other than that?
Me: i said they also give housing loans and mortgage loans.

M1: okay good

M4(the guy who is looking at me very seriously from the beginning): how will ur core field help in banking?
Me: I said sir throughout my graduation I have learnt problem solving and as well as how to deal with people and work collectively.

M2: laughed loud and said "smart answers are given only by engineering people "
Me: gave a gentle smile.

M4: asked again how electronics will help you in banking?
Me; I failed to say this I just said if any technical problem arises I'll try to solve that without any delay in operations.but he is not satisfied .

M3: (he is from my home town i guess) asked that do you have bank account.
Me: yes sir in andrabank

M3: which branch in kodad, main branch or the other?
Me: I said I have account in cross road branch

M3:did you observe any change in that bank recently?
Me: I said yes sir manager was changed.

M3: good (with a smile)
M4: what are types communication?
Me: analog and digital sir

M4: explain them
Me: analog means through signals and digital means through binary digits

M4: (targeting continuously but I always kept a smile with me and answered) what are Binary digits?
Me: 0 and 1

M4: why to use only 0 and 1?
Me: that is machine language sir

M4: okay u can leave and gud luck
M1: (suddenly interrupted)can you speak in telugu?
Me: spoke few words

M1: okay good luck sumanth have a nice day
Me: thank u sir and thanked everyone in panel
Entire interview went for 10minutes.Female member kept quite with a smile throughout my interview.

They didn't even ask me a single question from banking. Don't panic guys be confident and keep smile on your face because today is ours and don't know what tomorrow happens.ATB.
I would like to thank bankers adda for such a good support and the updates given them helped me a lot. 

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