Monday, 16 February 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience: Vishal Maghmare

Hello Readers,

Here we are presenting to you the Interview Experience of VISHAL WAGHMARE, one of the bright reader of BA!! Hope you like the post!!!

Date : 09/ 02/ 15
Time : 1:00 PM
Panel : 6
Venue : Bank of Maharashtra training center, Pune

I reached at the venue around 11:00 am. Many candidates were already present with enthusiastic Parents. Everyone was Holding Times of India, Lokmat . We were allowed to enter sharp at 1:00 pm, And we gathered at that place. My panel was around 24 students. My roll number is 17. First process was document verification. My document verification was completed by 3 pm.

Panel had ( 4M, 1F) - The panel was very friendly and they had chocolates, juice , biscuit but all for themselves :P

I greeted them and they offered a seat with a smile :)

M1(Above 50 and the head) : What is your name?

Me : I introduced myself to them.

M1 : What is the use of computer in banking field ?

Me : Computer store account information, and transfer data to one bank to another.

M1 : When was you completed your graduation and which branch?

 Me : I smiled and said 2011 and BSC CS.

M1 : And again the asked me about  my post graduation ?

Me : I answered.

(He passed on to M4)

F1(Above 55 and calm one ) : Which branch you gave  preference first..? and why..?

Me : I said CENTRAL BANK OF INDIA; further I answered them that it is mandatory to select preference so I did, then I clicked that central bank of

India is the oldest bank in India which is established in 1911 and it is fully owned and managed by Indian and I answered them the same.

F1(Above 55 and calm one ) : Do you have any logic for other bank preference ?

Me : I said I am interested in position of clerk rather than Bank.

M2 : What is mean by CYBER CRIME  ?

Me : I said, It is one type of computer fraud.

M2 : He further asked How?

Me : Actually I am unaware about this things so I frankly told them that I don’t know about how this crime has been done.

M3:  Suppose you as a employer of bank, How you can increase the business of bank?

Me : I answered them to maintained CASA and by increasing financial inclusion, and promoting people to open their account in bank .

M3: What is mean by CASA?

Me: CASA is Collection of CURRENT and SAVING account balance in bank

M3: How can we increase banks profit using CASA?

Me: I don’t know about this.

F3: Why we hire you for this position?

Me :I Answered, I have completed post graduation in MCA so I have brief knowledge of computer and I have last six months of experience in HDFC

bank so I aware of the most of the internal thing in bank.

M4 : Thank you may go now

Me : Thank you sir.

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