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IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience: Ashish Kasare

I would like to thank you BA team for your efforts. Here I am sharing my interview Experience, hope it will help other aspirants -
Name: Ashish Kasare (Aurangabad)
Venue : BOM Pune.
Date and time: 09-02-2015, 8: 30 am

I reached the venue at 8:10 am. I got a form which was to be filled up with personnel information and a blank page for writing few lines on any topic and same was used for checking my regional language knowledge. Document verification process was over at 10:45. I was waiting for my turn in front of the interview room. I was confident enough as I had appeared in Ibps po interview too. At 11 am the bell rang and I headed to the room.

Me: may I come in sir?

M1: come in! Come in!
Me: good morning mam, good morning sirs!

M1: please sit down!
Me : thank you  sir!

M1: So you are Ashish right? Tell me something about your background?
Me: sold myself 

M1: why banking?
Me: explained them how bank bring security, dignity, reliability, prestige, in detail including how my father influenced me and told them about his journey  (He is a banker too)

M2: do have an account? Which bank? What's the interest rate? Who decides this?
What is internet and phone banking? (Question and counter questions)
Me: yes, SBI, 4%, bank decides this, and told them about internet and phone banking.

M1: what is merging? Which bank is recently proposed for merging?
ME: Answered to the best of my knowledge with giving suitable examples.

Everything was going on in a cool manner and in an expected way but the strange thing happened. A boy broke into the room with tea cups he served to the panel members. Then m1 said “get a cup of a tea for Ashish too”. I said I am ok sir thank you. But that boy kept the tea cup right in front of me.
Everyone forced me to have it. I was left with no other options. So I picked that up.
M1: so it’s a discussion over a tea and smiled
Me: yes sir thank you!

F1: Who is chanda kocher, how will you describe ICICI bank, what is NABARD? How does it lend?
Why RRBs are important?
Me: Answered all the questions.

M3: well you are a well educated guy so will you feel bad if your senior, who is less educated or just a commerce graduate calls you with disrespect (unhe kehna tha ki koi tumhara senior agar tumhe tu tadang karke baat karega toh tumhe bura lagega kya ?)
Me: no sir! Respecting our seniors is our moral responsibility so I won’t feel bad.

M2: have your tea with smile (as I had forgotten to take sips)
Me: yes sir and smiled him back

M4: So you are an aircraft maintenance engg. How this unique field is going to help bank?
Me: without giving any diplomatic answer I simply said sir when I was completing my course my batch mates were from different different parts of our country and my relations were good with them as I am Interactive so in future if I placed anywhere in the country I will maintain good relationship with customers which is equally important in the banking sector (everyone looked convinced).

F1: You did engg. Then why are you leaving the filed?
Me: (they again wanted to know why banking only) mam this shows my never give up attitude

F1: yeah that’s good for you but still?
Me: (I had already told them why I am interested in banking industry now I had to bring across the black side of the field) mam every one knows one of the biggest airlines has shut down and my field does not provide job security and the recruitment process is not at all transparent so I can’t waste my father’s money anymore. (Now she looked convinced) and I felt the positive

M4: so tell me if an illiterate old man comes to you for opening an account and asks you to fill up the form what will you do?
Me:  I tried to twist the answer I said, generally people get help from other customers

M4: tell me what will you do (with smile)
Me: at this moment it is quiet difficult to say what exactly can be done but if that person is very weak and he is unable to stand then I will ask other customers to cooperate and I will give him first preference. (Convinced)

Then few questions were on my father's job profile as he is a banker

F1: where have you been? (While answering question "why banking* I had mentioned travelling is one of my hobbies so I like being at new places,   I like interacting people.)
Me: I have been to many places but kanyakumari is my favourite (I expected more counter questions on this place but they didn’t ask)

Then m2 tried to tell it’s too late by pointing towards the watch as my interview continued for more than 20 mins.

M1: so Mr. Ashish all the best you may leave!
Me: thank you mam thank you sirs! Have a nice time!
So overall my interview was good except that tea thing  and I hope for the best.

It just revolved around 4 Cs

C-confidence, C-Cool (I didn’t panic even though the “why banking “question was repeatedly asked)
C- Conscious about what questions they were asking, C- cautious about what I say just to avoid unprepared counter questions. I Hope this interview stands helpful for you guys all the best.

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