Monday, 16 February 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience: Sumit Kumar Tiwari

Name :- Sumit Kumar Tiwari
Quali :- BE (CSE)
Category :- gen
Location :- Dena Bank Bhavan , Ahmedabad (PANEL 1)
Time :- 8:00 AM
Date :- 24/1/2015

Total interview duration :- around 4 minutes .

Written result :- 91

1st thing :- doc verification . Staff was very friendly . we were offered tea before doc verification . doc verification is taken seriously and any anomaly is not accepted . There were 2 panels . Mine interview came around 11:30 AM .

Me :- may i come in

All :- yes with a big smile on everybody's face . asked to take seat . (i was smiling , confident)

Total 5 members in panel (4 male , 1 lady ) . Table on which they were sitting was slightly bigger then what we find in our school and colleges . so 2 members were almost sitting by my side and i had to turn complete 180 degree to view everyones face .

M1 :- sumit ur father was in army right ? (i was schoked , as i never mentioned this thing anywhere in my form or anywhere else . may be they have predicted it from my short hair cut and my native place from jharkhand )

Me :- yes sir , he served in Indian Army for 26 years . also during 1999 kargil war . retired in 2010 and is now working as an estate manager in Safal construction in Ahmedabad .

M1 :- ok ok . Tell me something about AFSPA .

Me :- ( again schoked . It was like my SSB interviews again . same military questions . after my grad i attempted 6 SSB's for army-airforce--navy and was very much preapred for all question like this) .

Sir AFSPA is enacted in areas where public disorder increases and situation is no more in control of police . With AFSPA army get special powers like searching any house or vehicle or person without warrant and can even kill someone .  the army person will get legal immunity even if he kill some one  .

M1 :- sumit have u heard of any incident where any army soldier has been court martialed for this ?

me :- I said yes sir . 3-4 months earlier there was an incident in Badgaon in kashmir where army soldiers accidentally killed 2 young guys and were court martaled for that . (when i said the word BADGAON the main interviewer was like waiting for that word pointed to another interviewer . looks like they were debating on this before my arrival and couldn't find the word BADGAON) But above all thanks to me . i read newspaper daily and knew this incident very well .

M1 :- what exactly happened in Badgaon?

me :- sir 2 young boys were driiving , reached an army post , army asked to stop , they did but their car skid due to snow and army opened fire .

M1:- sumit do u know a lady in North east has been protesting against AFSPA ?

me :- yes sir , her name is Irom Sharmila . she is from manipur and she says India is worlds largest democracy and how can it keep AFSPA like laws and blah blah .

then he said to other member in gujarati that she is protesting for 35 years and do not even drinks water and is able to walk . i was sure now that they were debating on this before my arrival .

M1 :- sumit which is highest gallantary medal in army ?

me ;- sir it is PARAM VEER CHAKRA . in india we have medal for both war time and peace time . Param veer chakra is given during war time . (i didn't explain peace time ones) .

M1 :- isn't MAHAVEER Chakra the highest gallantary medal ?

me :- this time i explained completly . Sir during wartime we have 3 medals Veer -- Mahaveer--then Param veer chakar . during peace time we have Ashok---shaurya--kirti chakra . (again thanks to SSB interview i knew these things very well)

M2 ;- sitting right of M1 . how banks earn other then charging interest on loans ?

me :- selling bancassurance . and then comes the worst part , i forgot all others like ATM charges , charges while providing some facility etc . but i said sir remember this one only .

M2 :- what is NPA ?

me :- well this was the question where i covered the previous questions loss . I expalained NPA is non performing asset . bank take deposit from people -- loan it to needy people or companies -- when they fail to repay -- asset get converted to NPA . but not directly . their is a time limit of 90 days .

NPA has 3 types . doubtful---substandard--loss (explained all) and then said earlier it was difficult to recover as people would go to court then DRT was formed but it also clogged so finally SARFAESI in 2002 was passed and then i explained full form of SARFAESI and what facility it provides .

My answer was long , correct and complete . everyone was like han han acha hai . everbody was silent then . guy sitting on my left who never really paid any attention towards me during whole interview was also listening with full attention .

They all were satisfied . No more question after this . Panel was easy on everyone though i found the lady member polite then others . they asked me to leave . i thanked all and left .

During the whole interview  i was smiling and was confident and not at all nervous .

My written result in 91 . let us hope for the best . BA team has helped me a lot . i regularly visit this site . Best abt BA is "IT'S FREE FOR ALL " .

My advice to future candidates :- Friends , do not worry at all . many candidates out their got nervous and failed to answer . so just chill . even if u do not know answer ,  just say i do not know . u people have already done so much hardwork and defeated so many candidates to reach interview , just don't screw everything with nervousness . ALL THE BEST ............

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