Monday, 16 February 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience: Pranaw Kumar

Name: Pranaw Kumar
Interview Place- BOI staff training college, Sandipani Noida-62
Time: 1:00 PM

Earlier I had attended PO interview at the same place,same time, but panel was 13 and panel members were nice. This time they were khadoos type, especially that lady and one gent.

Entry at 12:15 PM , OBC checked at main gate.
Paper Verification at 12:45, They are checking all the documents rigorously. Half of the interview is being taken by paper verification staff, they scrutinize everything at micro level. and Yes, They are giving a small page for writing 10 lines in can write anything. They just want to check your handwriting,spelling in Hindi.

Interview started at 2:45
Panel Members-4 Gents, 1 Lady
Entered the room after bell, greeted the lady first then all the gents saying Good afternoon Ma'am ...good afternoon sirs.
All- Sit down.
Me:- Thank you.

M1(Khadoos one): So where are you from?
Me: Sir, I belong to this place,this district and state Bihar.

M1: In graduation what have you done?
Me: BTech in computer science from univ name , Dehradun

M3: How many yrs have you stayed in Dehradun?
Me: Sir, I have stayed for four years.

M2: Full time, regular or correspondence course?
Me: Full time and regular.

M1: What have you studied except banking?
Me: Sir current affairs.

M1: what is the need of banks if RBI can also do the same thing?
Me: Sir, RBI regulates the banks and makes policy. Monitory Policy , Credit Policy, decides CRR, Repo rate, SLR, Base Rate , issues currency. Other banks act as financial intermediary, they accepts money, sells bancassurance.

M1: India Post can also accept the money then whats the need of banks?
Me: Sir, in banks our money is insured by DICGC.

 M1: India Post also comes under govt, so our money is safe and secure. and India post cannot lend the money, right?
Me: yes sir.

Lady: How many types of lending?
Me: Retail Lending and Corporate Lending.

Lady and M2: What comes under Retail Lending?
Me: Individual loans, priority sector loan, agriculture loan, education loan, small scale industry loan, personal loans like for marriage and holiday.

then they passed all my documents to M4

M4: You have studied Science, what is Archimedes Principle ?
Me: Sir, if any thing is partially or fully submerged in a fluid then the upboyant force acting upon that thing is equal to the weight of fluid displaced.

M1 intervened and asked so thing becomes weightless(halka)?
Me: little discussion with M4, then he pursued me that thing becomes weightless. :-/

M4: How RBI can regulate the banks?
Me: By deciding monitory policy like CRR,SLR,Repo reverse repo. KYC norms.

I was giving the links to ask more questions which I was knowing.

M4: What is KYC norms?
Me: guidelines given by RBI to stop Money Laundering, Under KYC Identity verification, address verification come.

M4: What is Money Laundering?
Me: Sir it is making black money white  by opening benami accounts. in this source or money is not known.

M1 Intervened again and asked have you heard Core Banking Solution?
Me: Yes sir

M1: What is the meaning of CORE?
Me: Sir, CORE meaning I don't know but it is a technology platform through which banks and branches can be connected together. Nowadays a customer is no more a branch's customer, he/she is a bank's customer I added.

M4: so, through core banking we can know everyone's address, how many accounts one possess.
Me: Sorry Sir, I don't know if it is possible?

M2: You mentioned monitory policy. What are monitory policy and Fiscal Policy?
Me: Sir, Monitory policy decided by RBI in which CRR,SLR,Benchmark rate like Repo rate, reverse repo rate. Fiscal policy is decided by GOI , finance ministry...Fiscal Policy means policy related to budget, revenue,expenditure by GOI.

M1: You work?
Me: Yes sir,

M1: how much salary you're getting and what type of job you are performing?
Me: I told about it.

M1 & lady: so you're a leader. why are you joining bank you're in IT?
Me: I countered this question and said bank job provides job security, Social Touch, Respect.

M1: Hmm Your current job is not respectable? what social touch in bank?
Me: it is respectable but society gives more respect as banker rather than an IT employee. Social touch , I meant people come and meet you , they say for opening accounts, issue drafts...That I like.

M1: Do you know India's largest bank's share value? You have heard share market right?
Me: I have heard Share Market, but don't know the value of share of the largest govt owned bank State Bank of India.

M1: I will tell you. SBI's share value was 250 Rs. 5 years back now also 250 rs. wwhat's the growth? no growth.Now see Infosys share value..It is increasing day by day.
Me: sorry sir, I have no idea about share value. but in banking there are lot of opportunities.

M1: noo not much.
Me: Sir, My maternal uncle had started his career as a clerk cum cashier in State Bank of he is a branch manager.

M3: In how many years he became branch manager?
Me: Sir, 8-9 years.

All: Okay all the best. that's it.
Me: Thank You very much.

I came to know, in Panel-12 ,all members were bit aggressive. :D
Let's see what happens....Hope! :)

Thanks Bankers Adda team a lot!

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