Monday, 16 February 2015


Age:- 22
Qualification: bachelor in commerce (accountancy hons)
Venue:-Hotel Venkatesh International, Phool  Chowk ,Raipur, Chhattisgarh
Panel:-IV Time:- 1:00 pm

This was the same place I had given interview last year for IBPS clerk iii. Many coincidences happened during the whole session. Same panel 4 and same hotel hall was familiar to me. We all aspirants were given a blank paper, a few Hindi lines were dictated pertaining to an oath taken by a banker ( mai grahako ki sava karunga blab la ) and everyone wrote. Afterwards verification started. My verification completed at 4:30 p m and turn came around 4:45 pm. (guys most probably after a few minutes of your verification be attentive, u will at any time called to enter into the rapacious room)

Entered greeting with a smiley face and was granted permission to seat. Sat comfortably with smile but OMG, such coincidence completely astonishing for me, same members took my interview last year. Even panel have 7 members. A combination of mature and fresher. Panel was combined with server (head of the panel) a female, and rest clients.

M1 (server):- what is your name?


M2:-why your hometown is famous for?


What are the subjects you studied during graduation?

Answered:- income tax, auditing , all accounts related subjects

Hence academic rapid fire round starts and I also switched to my defensive mode.

M1:- what is auditing?

Answered clearly what auditing exactly is

M1:- what is the direct and indirect tax?

Answered wonderfully

M1:-what is the difference between Single entry system and Double Entry system?

Answered in a best possible manner.

M3:- what is bank?

Answered with definition of banking regulation act, 1949 and its meaning (voluntarily said)

M2:-functions of Bank?


M2:-who is an indigenous banker?

While answering functions, indigenous banker topic fallen and subsequently I answered.

M4:-types of loan in banks?


M1:-what is the hottest and the latest news at present?

I said ‘sir AK47 has become AK67 ‘ Whole panel laughed badly and impressed with  my answering style.

Topic suddenly changed to my computer course of which I hardly have paid attention.

M6:- you did diploma in computer operations. What did u study in this?

Answered decisively as only ABCD of computers

M6:- what is system and application software?


Finally they appreciated me: ‘ kamal ka interview rahatumhare sath, tumne bahut achha kia All the best.’

Such heard line multiplied my confidence.

U know guys I still had a doubt leaving interview room, mujhe pehchane wo log ya nahi..

I greeted them have a nice day..

All the best guys for your upcoming interviews..:)

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