Monday, 16 February 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience: Navneet Singh

Date: 14 Feb
Venue: PNB Zonal training Centre,Ludhiana

"The best strategy for a job interview is to be fairly honest" , said to me, by many scholars. And now after appearing in 3-4 banking interviews in a row,  It is the only true suggestion, I can give to anyone, who is about to appear in an interview. Reason being, Truth gives u confidence whereas Lies leads to nervousness of getting caught and ultimately result is "blunders" only.
Note:- I am not at all saying to be 100% genuine but please be at least 80% true to them so that they fairly grade u. The panel members are really experienced ones and we can't fake them.

Here is my IBPS clerical interview experience:-

We were asked to write some
lines in punjabi during documents verification.
The whole interview was mostly in Punjabi and English at some parts.
There were 4 males and 1 female member in the panel. I entered the room, greeted them and took the hot seat.

Female: Introduce Yourself.

I did answered as prepared and marketed myself as a experienced guy in sales and customer handling. As I am having 2 years experience in IT sector as a Business Analyst, which mostly involved pre-sales activity.

M1: What was your salary?

I told him my monthly salary and he said, you were earning handsome there, so why did you left your job?

Explained him my genuine reasons of leaving job. Told him that, after joining as a clerk, one gets the opportunity to grow after 3 years. There are internal exam options available. In addition to this JAIIB and CAIIB. And public sector banks are the ones having transparent promotion policies. So there are plenty options to grow and I am not planning to be a clerk always. As far as salary is concerned, I can manage during initial years. At present entry is more important in banking industry, than salary part.

M2: Can u read/write punjabi?

He made me read a punjabi newspaper headline.

M2: How can you be a asset to the bank?

Answered this with co relating it to
my previous job profile in which I had to deal with customers and all. Added few more points and stopped.

M3: Recently National games were held, what do u know about it?

Told him all about venue:Kerala
Mascot: Ammu (The great Hornbill)
Brand ambassador: Sachin Tendulkar etc etc.
He Looked satisfied so I stopped.

M4: Who is the MP of Pathankot?

As I am from Pathankot in Punjab so he asked me this. I told him its Vinod Khanna.

Female: What else he do? What are the names of his sons?

I said he is a famous Bollywood actor and his sons are Akshaye Khanna and Rahul Khanna.

M1: What was your PO score?

Told him its average score XX and at this point I am not sure of selection, so this clerical interview means a lot to me.

Ok, All the best. You can leave now said the Head of panel.

That is all guys. It was simple. Stay calm and confident.

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