Monday, 16 February 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience: Hariram

Hi Friends,

I am Hariram from Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu. I like to share you all my interview experience hope it may be useful for you. First of all i would like to thank each and everyone who involved yourself with Bankersadda family. And a special thanks to Shruti Mam and team for their wonderful service. I can say to anyone who ask me about my success that i acheived this with the help of BA Family.

Venue : Indian Overseas bank, Lead Branch, Tirunelveli Region
Date : 14/02/2015
Time : 1.00 pm
Panel : III

I reached the venue around 12.00 pm and waiting for my time to go in. Interview was held at upstairs parents and candidates are asked to wait at downstairs till our time to go in.

At 1.00pm they asked us to go upstairs by verifying our call letter. In Tirunelveli there are four panels and for each panel there are 25 members. In their auditorium they made an arrangement to sit as panel wise and there were two peoples to verify certificates for each panel.

Certificate Order:

1. Interview call letter
2. Application form
3. SSLC certificate
4. HSC Certificate
5. Semester wise mark sheets - Not compulsory
6. Consolidated Mark sheet.
7. Degree Mark sheet
8. OBC Certificate
9. Extracurricular certificate - if any

And at the time of certificate verification we need to write a paragraph in Tamil. They are giving magazines we can see the topics from the magazine to write or if we have any own topics then we can write that too.

NOTE: It would be good if you write by your own. Interviewer asking one question from this

There were three Gentlemen and one Lady.

I : May i get in please

G1 : Yes Please with smile :)

I : Wised everyone.

G1: Where are you from?

I : I am coming from V M Chatram

G1: What is V M Stands for ?

I:  Vijayaragava Mudaliyar chatram.

G2: What is your Father and Mother doing?

I : Sir, My Father is working as an Additional superintendent in Central Jail, Vellore and My mother is working as a Postal Agent.

G1: Okay!. What is RRB stands for?.

I : Sir there are two one is Regional rural bank and another one is Railway recruitment board.

G1: Fantastic  (He Laughed louder and asked) So I think you are familiar with all type of exams right?

I: Yes sir (With smile :)

Lady 1: What was your project field in Engineering?

I : Robotics

L1: She asked me about robotics and my project in detail. what is antenna?

I : Replied.

G3: What are the RRB banks in Tamilnadu.

I : Pandiyan Grama bank and Pallavan grama bank Sir.

G3: Pandiyan Grama Bank is supported by which bank?

I : Indian Overseas Bank

G3: Headquarters of Pandiyan grama Bank?

I : Viruthunagar District Sir.

G3: Pallavan Grama Bank Headquarters?

I: Villupuram District Sir.

G2: Who is the Royal lady of world?

I : Sir i have a confusion with Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth.

G2: He told don't worry at present it is Queen Elizabeth.

G1: Thank you Take a chocolate and all the best in your future.

I : Thank you sir.

Don't be nervous friends. These ten minutes are time to prove our talent and which wont come back. Consider it as your last chance and do your best. All the best Folks.