Monday, 16 February 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience: Madhugharan

Hi friends, this is Madhugharan from Tamilnadu . my interview was conducted on 9th feb 2015. I was the 15th member in the 2nd panel.

Interview place- IOB trichy

Interview time- 8.30a.m

Qualification- BE-ECE(2014 passed out)

I am from thanjavur so I reached the center by 8.15a.m only. And at the entrance of the building they have pasted a paper in the door , in that 10 tamil topics {local language} were written. I asked some nearby people for what reason it is pasted. They told that the interview candidate wants to write 10 lines about the topics that they have given to check their local language. So I selected one topic and prepared it with the help of Wikipedia. Then I waited upto 11am for my chance, then they called me for certificate verification. After that they gave me a paper to write about those topics. I wrote that within 10min then they collected my paper and attached it with my certificate photocopies. i was waiting for my interview till 12. They called me.

Me- I asked permission, may I come in sir

M1- yes come in

There were 5 members in the interview panel (4 men, 1 lady)

M1- take your seat

Me- thank you sir

M1-  you have done ECE right

Me- yes sir with smile

M1- then you can go for technical jobs na

Me- I told im weak in technical, and I like maths so I came for banking

M1- ok, what are the subjects you studied in your electronic dept, and communication side

Me- in electronic region I studied electronic devices, electronic circuits, IC’s. and in communication side satellite communication, mobile communication etc.

M1- ok what is meant by electron??

( that que shocked me, I didn’t expect 1st que as techical)

Me- told little bit about electrons and atom, he not satisfied

M1-  what is an atom??

Me- told about that marginally

M1- what is the charge and weight of an atom?

Me- thought that my engg viva was better than this. Then told the charge of that, and weight I don’t know sir

M1- ok, who proposed atom model?

Me- its mr.bohr sir. So this model is named as bohrs atom model

M1- marginally satisfied , what is meant by IC?

Me- told about that somewhat

M1- what are the components present in an IC, where it is used?

Me- smiled with tension and told about that little bit. Then he told me its uses

M1-  which material IC is made up of and why?

Me- I told it is made up of silicon because it is an semiconductor

M1- are you sure. who said its an semiconductor. Its not an semiconductor,

Me- yes sir its semiconductor

M1- I agree with you but it is turned into an semiconductor with an process. Name that process

Me- thought for a while and told its fabrication process

M1- its wrong, have u heared about doping?

Me- oh yes now I remember, it’s the making prosess, then I explained. Finally m1  satisfied

M1- you are answering correctly but in an indirect manner. As an engg student u have to answer it straight . Ok good. He turned to m2 and said u carry on

M2- why I have to select u give 5 reason?

Me- told first 3 points superbly and struggled in 4,5th points

M2- satisfied until my 3rd point. Then chance gone to m3

M3(lady)- u said u like maths. K who is famous mathematician

Me- sorry mam no idea

M3- ok what is meant by trigonometry?

Me- Im not strong in trigonometry mam sorry

M3- u told that u like maths

Me- smiled and told I likes only maths calculations. All laughed

M4- asks about my native, and some general ques

Me- answered, then chance goes to M5

M5- in which sports the word double fault is used?

Me- in tennis sir, and explained about that word

M1- smiled to me on reading my tamil letter. Good. After that he said u may leave, then thanked me and also gave a handshake.

I think he have done PHd in ECE

Me- smiled and thanked everybody

M1- good, All the best gentleman.

Me- thank you sir and came out

My interview went around for 15-20min. I think my performance was moderate. Only m3 im not able to satisfy others are satisfied

Thank you .

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