Monday, 16 February 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experiences: Gaurav Pareek

Name- Gaurav Shyamsunder Pareek

Exam- IBPS Clerk IV
Category- Person with Disability (Hearing Impaired)
Profession- Asst. Accountant and Admin Clerk
Place and Time- Vashi, Mumbai. Bank of Maharashtra Raigad Regional Office, Panel V

Vashi is very far away from my town, so left early... Early? Um, to be precise... Interview reporting time is 1 PM and I left my place at 9.30 AM... (Yep, crazy)

^ My Professional Editing Skills, no claps please...

So I reached at 12 PM, and the Regional Office was very small... I mean, they had to arrange a tent (the ones we find in marriages) outside the office with biscuits and water at the centre of 16 chairs...

One by one they were calling us in to verify and then interview...

Me and my buddy from HI category were asked to wait in the Manager's cabin, Manager himself verified our documents, meanwhile, we were told to write a paragraph about "Majha Desh" (Marathi). I wrote some broken Marathi of mine, with a grin on my face... Manager said, they're just checking the basic knowledge of regional language, its not a big deal... I said okay, and wrote some more because this made me feel relaxed...

After verification, I was called in for interview...

(After a conversation with Manager, there was a little boost in my confidence)

Entered the room, wished everyone...

(Round corporate table, like the ones we see in films)

I don't even remember how many panel member were there, but for sure there was a female...

M1- Where do you stay?
G- Bhayander

M1- What is your Educational Qualification?
G- I have a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Finance

M1- What are you doing right now?
G- I am working at a club as an admin and accounting clerk... and pursuing MCOM specialized in accounting...
(got transfered to M2)

M2- About yourself?
G- My name is Gaurav Pareek, I stay with my Mom, Dad and younger brother in Bhayander, Thane; but got most of my education from Mumbai as my Junior College was at Bandra and Senior college at Churchgate, KC College... After my Graduation, I started working for Mafatlal Club, and along with that, have been preparing for banking exams... I cleared IBPS Clerk and here I am...

M2- Do you know Marathi?
G- I had Marathi as a subject till my school time, I can read it and understand what is written on the paper, roughly...

M1- You wrote this right? Can you read it?
G- (I read my broken Marathi loud and clear)

M3- What are the functions of a Bank?
G- (Answered 5 Functions)

M5 (Corner Guy) - Do you speak Gujju?
G- (Smiled) No sir I am Marwadi... (Well I can't speak Marwadi either, beat this...)
(everyone smiling, I am smiling...:)))

M1- You know how to operate on Computer?
G- Yes sir, I know it very well... I had IT as a subject till my graduation...
(M2 pointing out something on my Scorecard, maybe my marks in IT.. 94/100 :P )

M1- Okay, Best of Luck...
G- (Thanked everyone and left... )

(Everyone was all smiling and were very quick, they looked pretty satisfied... They were just checking if you have a particular set of knowledge to handle a clerical work...)


1) Be Yourself

2) Be Yourself!!

3) (Refer Point No. 2 for 3rd Tip)

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