Monday, 16 February 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience: Anonymous

Hello guys, i thought of sharing my interview exp of ibps po 4 just to see if i was avg or worst .

i enterd and wish the lady first (although it was 1 pm already but my reporting was on 8:30 am smhw sliped out of my mind and wished every1 noon) then it got further akward i wished first two male members and then i stopped as it was seems to be odd repeating same thing 5 times. i was with smiling face (but they didnt like it ,scariest stare i was ever been subjected to...middle 1 asked me to sit.

I: thank you sir.     (m1,m2,m3,m4,f1 sitting arrangement)

m3:so tell me about yourself?

I:told properly...but they were not in mood of stoping me....i remember i almost spoke for not less than 4 minute then i stopped.(this single incidence scared the hell out of me....they were siiting like mummy and i was searching for expression..there was blank on their face.

m4:mr navin is this your 2nd attempt in interview?

I: sir it is my 2nd attempt writing this exam but 1st time i reached so far.

m3:tell me about your family background?

i: four members ,sis,bro,mom n me ,father died in 2008..there was financial problem i faced some hard time earning n doing B.E. in nagpur

m3:what job?

i:taught as home tutor to meet my daily and monthly expences.


m4:practiced any mock interview?

I:yes sir...i did

m4:what they taught u?

I:told them ...come cheerly..lady member first and then all male as gm/ga panel (i told them everything happend) ps i was nervous the way they were handling me soon it transformed into normal to stress interview.i told them should speak confidently and good.but only i knew how much confidence remained inside me after this.

m4:so we have interviewed 22 before you and you are 23rd ,no doubt you are a good boy but you certainly lack something(as i got nervous my voice faltered once or two ,felt like i m growing deaf ,ear getting heavy.) still i was dressed proper and commited to my goal i got concious and came back in room again.

m4:tell me why should we hire you,what is there special about you?

I:told my strength,good listener and while i was graduation i taught as home tutor....(interupt)

m4:common only bcoz you taught as hometutor we shud higher you.

i:no sir i said i am good listener and so i could connect to parents of those children whom i taught they take as tutor for their child...they are extra catious during such shows i cn connects with clients and convince them.


i:sir i am hardworking candidate i have worked hard all my life ....(interupting)

m4:so your hard work is here on your marksheet....(sarcastic)..tell me % from 10th inwards?

i:sir in 10th 91% in 12th 85% in B.E. 53.9

m4:what happend?

i:sir i was unwilling to join B.E. as week b4 joining the college my father died and we had no money (medical bills pending ,pension clearance ....kachahari i didnt knew at first that we wont be able to recieve pension till my final year)..but i came back engineering was a priviledge and with no money i started taking home tusion...i was living two parallel lives ans two diff goal short term and long term....i kept on explaining till they stopped me

m3: ok we understood..

m3:tell me the function of RBI?

I: answered properly but emotional flashback of past affected my voice.

m3:what is diff bet PSU and private sect bank?

i:i gave circum answer....

m3:tell me the basic difference?

i:(actually i forgot prev and rememberd just on time) told properly

m3:thats what i needed.

m1:(this guy was looked too rich and actor type,other words dashing one) during UPA govt ...p.chidambaram.........irrigation policy.?

i:i was literally shocked ,expected modi but ...still i listened him carefully....sorry sir i dont know abt it..

m1:still if you remember something?

i:no sir,never heard about it,(i told prev my hobbies....movies,songs,newspaper in spare time ,this guys caught me bad)

m1:there was some plan there ,could hv helped you when you .....

i:i didnt understood what this guy was trying to tell me...i just listened him.


i:sory sir


i:sory sir i couldnt get it?

m2 :in which bank ,do you have acc?

i:sir pnb bank

m2 :since when?

i:sir since first year.

everybody staring worst they can silence for 4 sec

i:sir since they seemed satisfied.

m2:what document you needed for that?

i:told properly...this guy was looking like vyapari type...but probably nicest one.

m3:thats what we finished here...anyone his fellow...

lady mam didnt ask anything she meant to ask something in marathi..but she didnt .

i thanked everyone and stood ....chair sarak gayi thodi si thik kiya ....bola khud ko ab nikal bhai yaha se...bahot ho gya....i will say this GHOORTI ANKHEIN EPISODE.

but seriously ppls say it was avg interview and they were taking you to the extreme of everything. thanks guys for reading.

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